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Answers to Common Questions About Advertising Here

Here are our Advertising FAQs, where you can get answers to common questions about advertising on

Q: Which ad formats are available?

A: For page ads: A 336x280 space is available above the fold on most pages other than the home page (Where Google ads are now). A 468x60 banner could alternatively be used in approximately the same location. In addition, ad space is available at the bottom of the page under the main content area, securing that visitors see it before they leave.

For sitewide ads: In the right column, there is a space for 1 tower ad and 3 button ads. Format is either 160x600 or 160x160 pixels.

Q: Who is designing the ad(s)?

A: You do. I will accept honest ads (text and/or images), and here are the basic rules:

  • No Flash
  • No PHP scripts
  • No fancy moving elements
  • Professional language/attitude/layout

Q: We currently use Google Adwords. Why should we advertise here?

A: Google Adwords is a great strategy, especially if you have an unlimited budget for advertising expenses. But by using Adwords, you are competing with all advertisers in your field of business, just in order to be visible: The higher your competition is, the higher the cost per click for you. Not to mention all "Adsense farm sites", that are created with only one target in mind: To rip-off your Adwords advertising money.

By advertising on this site, there is no competition: The page(s) you have your ads on, are "yours". Competition is simply not allowed. What's more, you can have as many clicks as you like: My pricing is monthly based, not by number of clicks. Your ad cost per month is a fixed, predictable amount.

Most likely, targeted advertising on this site for your business will come at a fraction of your current Adwords spendings. And your competitors are all gone: You "own" the space.

But by all means, do continue your Adwords campaign: Use advertising on this site as an element to reduce your overall advertising cost (Adwords or whatever), while at the same time adding your visibility to a laser-targeted market. As a matter of fact, by placing your ads on this site, you will most likely reduce your monthly ad spending, as well as increase your target audience visibility.

Q: How do I know which pages are available for my ads?

A: Normally, my pages contain Google Adsense at the top and bottom. If this is the case, it means it is available for your ad(s): The Google Adsense code is just waiting to be replaced by ad code for your business.

Q: How can I maximize return on my ad budget?

A: I would suggest that you opt to advertise on a complete section or hub... By reserving a Tier 2 page and its Tier 3s, you will practically "own" that segment. This is what I would call "a smart bundle buy". But you are in total control of your decisions, of course. Keep in mind, though: Some Tier 3 pages are way more trafficked then their corresponding Tier 2s, believe it or not.

Q: Can I limit my ads to show in certain countries only?

A: No. This is a global site. If you run a local business, this is most likely not the place for you. However, it doesn't really matter... Your ad cost on this site is a fixed price per month, regardless of number of clicks, page views, etc. You "own" your space here.

Q: How do I pay?

A: By monthly Paypal recurring payments, via PayPal funds, credit card or e-check.

Q: What do I pay?

A: The competitive advertising cost are presented on this page.

Q: What are we talking about in terms of payment commitment length?

A: Ad subscription is based on one month at a time, automatically renewed one month at a time, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Q: How can I cancel a recurring payment?

A: Both parties have a mutual 1 month cancellation notice. Email will do.

Q: How can I trust your traffic figures?

A: Many webmasters use Alexa to measure the importance of a website.'s ranking as of today is:

For more detailed stats, see Alexa's traffic details on this site And please keep in mind that we are a growing website that has been gaining big increases in traffic each month over the past few months.

I value your investment in this website.

Q: Can I advertise any product I want?

A: No. Only products/services relevant to the American smart fortwo car will be accepted.

The webmaster of this site (me) has the sole right to judge if an ad/advertiser is considered appropriate for the site or not. It is another way of saying that any kind of adult, sleazy or in any other way offending material will be rejected at the sole discretion of the webmaster.

But I can give you another take on this issue... You need laser-targeted visitors in order to maximize return on your ad investment. I need happy, long-term advertisers. A win/win situation occurs when we both are relevant to each other: The trust I have built up over years with my visitors will inevitably flow to your site as a result of me accepting your ad(s) on my site.

I do not want you to waste money in the short term on this website... I want you to earn money by advertising long-term here.

Q: Is this website really recognized in the Search Engines?

A: Yes. Try a Google, Yahoo or Bing search for "smart car benefits", "smart car blog", "smart car likes and dislikes", or perhaps "smart car pictures". All search terms should be entered into Google, Yahoo or Bing without quotes. These are just a few examples amongst hundreds of keywords/phrases per month used by people interested in smart cars who find this website the most informative resource, according to Google.

Q: How can I start placing our ads on your site:?

A: Easy: Just fill in the form on the pricing page, and I will contact you by email within a few days to discuss the details.

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