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This page outlines my advertising pricing, so that you can select the advertising option that makes the most sense for your needs and your budget.

By advertising on, you are using your advertising budget in the most efficient way possible, directly addressing a large community of enthusiastic scooter owners who are seeking solutions to their scooter issues and problems.

Let me start by repeating the website structure and which advertising options you have:

The structure and advertising possibilities of

The following graph illustrates the overall structure of this website:

3 tier website structure

One-Page Targeted Ads

This type of ad will get you the most targeted audiences and probably the best clickthroughs. You would be running an ad that is directly relevant to the page it is running on. For example, your ad is about a smart car dealership and runs on my page that discusses smart car dealers. Or an ad for a smart fortwo accessory on the page about smart car accessories.

Your options for one-page ads are:

  • Text link ad (one per page), $15
  • 336 rectangle, above fold, $25
  • 336 rectangle, bottom, $20
  • 468 banner, above fold, $25
  • 468 banner, bottom, $20
  • Right sidebar tower, $20
  • Right sidebar button ad (160x160), $15
  • Left sidebar tower ad (160x600), $30
  • Featured smart car directory listing (with dedicated page) , $50

All prices stated above are per month, per ad, per page. The left sidebar ad availability will only be for long pages, where it can fit below the navigation menu. Discounted rates available for quarterly, semi-annual and annual placements (see below). Discounts also available for multiple page placements (see below).

Multiple Page Ads

These are the same ads and placements as described above, but you can choose to place ads on more than one page for greater visibility. In return, I offer a 10% discount per page off your total order, up to 5 pages. To explain, if you chose to run a $25 ad on multiple pages, this would be the pricing:

  • Ad on 2 pages: $45 (10% discount)
  • Ad on 3 pages: $60 (20% discount)
  • Ad on 4 pages: $70 (30% discount)
  • Ad on 5 pages: $75 (40% discount)

Advertising Article or Interview Page

If you decide you would like to write an article for the site, it will run for 1 full year for $300, renewable annually.

Alternatively, if you opt to participate in an interview with me as a subject-matter expert, the interview with ads on it will run for 1 full year for $100, renewable annually.

Sitewide Advertising

If you would like your ad to appear on every page of my site, you have 2 options:

  • Right sidebar tower ad (160x600), $250
  • Right sidebar button (125x125), $150

All prices stated above are per month, per ad. Discounted rates available for quarterly, semi-annual and annual placements (see below). In addition, availability is quite limited for these types of ads. I have space for only 1 to 2 tower ads and 3 button ads to run concurrently on the right sidebar.

Volume Discounts

I know that a lot of advertisers don't like to commit to long-term contracts for advertising on a website until they prove that the ads result in sales. That makes good business sense. However, I do offer discounted pricing to advertisers who are willing to take the plunge and commit to longer ad periods on my successful site:

  • Quarterly (ad runs for 3 months), 10% discount
  • Semi-Annual (ad runs for 6 months), 15% discount
  • Annual (ad runs for a full year), 25% discount

Volume discounts are taken off the discounted multiple-page total, as applicable.

Payment Terms

All payments must be made in advance; I will invoice you via PayPal once we agree on ad placement, content and length of term. You can then pay me through PayPal via your PayPal furds, credit card or e-check. I will also set you up for automatic recurring billing, which can of course be cancelled at any time. I offer pro-rated refunds from the beginning of the next calendar month.

No Warranty or Guarantee

I can't guarantee that your ads will succeed on my website. So much of your success will depend on factors out of my control, including where your ad is placed on my site, the quality of your ad language and graphics, as well as how well your website sales pages convert the clicks that do come to you.

I also cannot control fluctuations in traffic and societal trends that can affect the popularity of my smart car site. I can tell you my site has been steadily growing, since its creation. I don't see any reason why my traffic would fall off substantially, but it could happen, of course. Nothing on the Web is totally predictable.

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NOTE: I reserve the right to change my pricing and pricing policies at any time, as increasing traffic makes your ads more valuable. Advance notice of 1 month will be given to all current customers, before pricing changes, with the right to opt out at any time.

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