Anne Louise, 2008 Yellow Passion

by Anne Louise
(Winona, MN, USA)

Bought my smart car in Minnesota. The features I like the most are the mileage, around 40 - 43 if I stick to the speed limit, the comfort package with those heated leather seats for MN winters, the space - my 6'5" son has head and leg room in it, and (drum roll) number ONE since I hit a deer last night - the safety.

I was very safe sitting up inside those roll bars. I got a cracked windshield, left side mirror broken off, and a small L-shaped crack in the body just below the antenna, and that was all, from hitting an antlered deer at 55 mph. Amazing! No damage to me and very little to the car. I should take a picture of what it looks like on the side the deer hit.

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Jul 18, 2011
by: Jim, the Smart Car Guy

Welcome to our little online smart car owners club, Anne Louise! We're glad to have you here.

And yes, my wife LOVES those heated seats too!

Great story about your run-in with a deer. People just have a hard time believing in a smart car's safety profile, but it's a fact. You have the proof!

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