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If you've come to this page, hopefully you already are pretty sure you want to buy a smart for two car. And if so, that's great! But you might still have a few lingering questions, before you actually make that smart car purchase, so that's what this section of the site is here for... to help you nail down those details and get to that final decision to buy... or not.

First, though, before you can decide to buy a smart car, you have to know something about them. So if you didn't already visit our All About the Smart Car section, then I'd encourage you to go there first, and then come back here.

Smart Car Buying Is Now Easier Than Ever

Smart car buying or shopping with Jim in Austin

When I first started looking into buying a smart car, the first ones hadn't even hit the U.S. yet, and for 12 to 18 months after that, they were still in short supply. The manufacturer simply couldn't keep up with the demand for the revolutionary little smart car. People all over the U.S. were waiting... and waiting... and waiting for their dream smartie to show up at a nearby dealer.

I had to wait so long, that by the time the Portland, Oregon smartcenter (there aren't any dealers in Boise, where I live) emailed me to say my car had finally arrived... I could no longer afford it. The recession had hit and I was only able to find part-time work as a teacher. So, after much agonizing I had to turn it down. Darn!

But then a few months later, my job situation started looking up and I was surprised to learn how much had changed if you wanted to buy smart cars. It seemed there was now a surplus of them at most dealers around the U.S. Guess I wasn't the only one who had to turn my car down!

So, fortunately, it's much easier these days to buy a smart car, when you're ready to do so.

Explore More About Buying Smart Cars

Use the links below to explore the aspect of smart car buying that you're most interested in. And when you're ready... join me and buy that smart fortwo car yourself!

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How to get a smart car loanHow to get smart car insuranceStill have questions before you buy?

I urge you not to miss the "Buy Smart Car Decision Guide". It can really help you figure out if this is the best way to go...

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