Can a smart car be towed behind an RV on all four wheels?

by Anonymous

We own an RV and are thinking about towing our smart car behind it so that we have more fuel-efficient transportation when staying in one place for a day or few.

Can a smart car be safely towed behind an RV on all four wheels?

Answer: The short answer to this question is, yes, smart cars can be flat towed behind other vehicles, although smart USA's recommended towing method is all 4 wheels up on a trailer. Check your owner's manual for the details (on page 190 of the PDF version for my 2009 model; might be different for yours).

Be aware though that some owners have reported "wheel wobble" in the front wheels when towing. Also, even though your smart is not powered on, there will be wear and tear from all the miles traveled behind the RV. Specifically, towing the car will put wear and tear on the tires, axles, joints and bearings.

If you DO decide to flat tow, then there are a number of precautions you must follow to avoid damage to your smart fortwo car. These are detailed in the owner's manual. But here is a recap of some of the main points:
  • Never attach towing cables or other devices to the chassis... only use a properly installed proprietary towing eye bolt (which is stored under the carpet in the passenger footwell)
  • Put the car into neutral gear & then shut the ignition off
  • Using a towbar is recommended for maximum control

Hope that helps! For the latest wisdom on this topic, you may want to contact your smart dealership.

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Nov 11, 2015
smart car be towed behind an RV NEW
by: Help with Essay

You will require an RV of some sort. We incline toward a diesel pusher sort RV and tow a Saturn Vue behind it. Numerous fulltimers favor a fifth wheel. That is a decent decision since it will abandon you with a truck for side outings or, God prohibit, working. In the event that you go this course, make sure to put resources into a decent diesel pickup.

Oct 30, 2015
Flat-Towing 2015 Smart NEW
by: Bruce McKay

We have traded-in our 2011 for a 2015 Smart Passion coupe and have had the dealer swap over the Blue Ox tow kit as well. That cost about $1000 on the trade. The kit fit - just - but there is a small discrepancy on the turn signal wiring with the 2015 having an extra wire to splice. One still needs to use the bungee cord, however we have had no recurrence of the wobble issue with the 2015. We have towed over 10,000 kms so far and it is a very easy system to use.

Oct 30, 2015
Easy Visitors NEW
by: Anonymous

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Aug 13, 2013
Flat towing Smart Car NEW
by: Bruce McKay

You WILL get wheel wobble (front wheels go from lock to lock rapidly) when you do a hard turn going uphill or downhill or over a sharp rise or descent on a turn. A bungee cord solves the problem. When hooking up have your partner sit in the car and steer it for a few feet in order to get it aligned and the tow bar properly locked. The ACS system must also be disabled (control stability system) - the manual gives the proper procedures and the battery must be turned off. A battery switch is easily installed by the dealer as all Smarts are shipped with a battery switch which the dealer removes - at least to Canada. The issue with the wheel wobble is due to the very short wheelbase.
We have a Ford 460 on a 36 foot Class A. We get 8.1 Imperial MPG towing and 8.5 not towing. This works out to a penalty of about 2 liters per 100 kms for you Canadians or a half US gallon per 80 miles or so for Yanks.

Mar 04, 2012
Rigged to tow and available NEW

Have been towing 2008 Passion for several years. No probem however we do use a bungee cord to keep steering wheel straight. Don't know if that is necessary,we just do it. Having to give up RVing so Our Smart is for sale and ready to be towed.

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