Can a smart car go on the freeway?

by Joe
(Cincinnati, OH)

I've seen these cute little smart cars all over the city where I live, but I do a lot of commuting on the freeway and I'm wondering how well such a small car would do on such a high-speed, heavy traffic road.

Is it safe to ride smart cars on the freeway?

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Aug 05, 2015
Smart car. NEW
by: Jackson Scott

Of course, it is safe. Even if these cars are looking small but these are made with advanced technology and features to overcome every hurdle. You can ride your smart car on the freeway but just be careful for its servicing & maintenance. Smart Car Service simi valley. Thanks for asking. Keep posting.

Aug 11, 2010
by: Jim, the Smart Car Guy

Hi Joe... Yes, of course smart cars can go on the freeway... or almost anywhere else. They accelerate nicely, maintain high speeds without a problem and ride smoothly at any speed.

If it's safety you're worried about, don't. Crash tests have proved the smart car's ability to withstand high speed crashes, with very little damage to the interior of the vehicle. There's something called a tridion safety cell that protects you. It's sort of like a roll bar.

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