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Our Well Chosen Partners for smart car Owners

The car and driver resources found on this page represent some well-chosen partners for smart car owners (and everyone else too).

Most of these resources are strictly car-related, but not necessarily smart car-related. I hope you find them to be helpful.

Jim the Smart Car Guy says...

Hello fellow smart car owners,

Every website benefits from having partners... I send you some visitors and in return you send me some, but I wanted to make sure when I made this page, that the links I put here are truly going to be of value to my particular visitors. So, you won't find links to aromatherapy websites or information on how to lose weight or any of that kind of thing.

Pure and simple, you'll just find resources here that I've personally checked out and that I think might either be of interest to the (prospective) smart car owner or truly of immediate or future value.

I hope you agree!

Your "Smart Car Guy",
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Oh, and by the way, if you'd like to partner with me and exchange links, just email me and we'll get it going!

smart car Resources
The official smart car website, where you can make a smart car reservation, pick out and configure your smart car, join their smart car owners social community and more.

Smart Trailer USA
The Smart Trailerâ„¢ is the ONLY trailer built in the USA exclusively for the Smart car. Intended mostly for owners of motorhomes who are tired of dragging, or driving, the family gas guzzler to RV Parks, a Smart Trailer USA provides a great option.

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Other Car & Driver Resources

Car Accident Advice
Car Accident Advice provides the information to help you get the settlement. Find tons of free advice and tips to survive your next accident aftermath.

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