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Driving a smart fortwo car

So you own a smart car now? Welcome to the "club!" There's still not too many of us smart car America owners out there, but our numbers ARE growing each month. Gas prices are still through the roof and our environment is still in trouble. So it continues to make sense to drive a fuel-efficient car.

And like me... I see you went for one of the cutest gas-friendly vehicles available! You "Made Your Statement"!

Smart cars are so much fun to own. Even after a year, I'm just as crazy about having one as I ever was. And my wife has grown to love the little devil too. Smile

So... while this website started out in early 2008 as a way to build interest in the fortwo smart car, over time it has grown to meet the needs of more than curiosity seekers. It is also becoming a place where smart car owners can hang out, interact and share this passion for the smartie.

Have You Joined Our Smart Car Owners Web Yet?

Join other smart car enthusiasts

If you're like me, you don't yet have tons of other people around you who are also smart car owners. So you might be dying to meet up with and hang out with other smart car enthusiasts.

Sure, you can find various smart car forums online, but they can be complex or intimidating. I'm a simple kind of guy, so I've created a simple meeting place here at America Smart Car Guide.

I hope you'll check it out, because I for one love "talking smart car" all day long! Explore our smart car owners web here, where you can find a smart car club, simple smart car discussion forum, pages to submit your smart car reviews, pictures and videos and even a place to post smartie meetups and events!

Smart Car Driving Tips

Smart car American fun

I've had my smart fortwo car for a whole year now (wow!), so I thought I'd pass along a few driving tips new owners might find helpful...

  • If you find the automatic transmission to be sluggish, then learn how to use the stick shift or paddle shifters. It's not hard and your smartie's pickup will be much better!

  • If you have the heated leather seats, keep a towel in your car during the summer. Those seats can get HOT!

  • Don't be shy about hauling dogs and stuff in your smart car. You'd be amazed how much it can hold!

By the way, you can get some more tips on driving with the automated manual transmission here.

Explore More About Owning a Fortwo Smart Car

I've outlined a few aspects of owning a smart car America version. Just click on the images below to explore each area.

Smart cars need care,  like any carSmart cars can be modified & upgradedJoin us in the smart car HooD!

Owning a fortwo smart car (and driving it) can be great fun, but there's also responsibility. So be sure you balance the playtime with good smart car care too!

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