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Boise, Idaho

Here is Jim McCue's Smart Car Hood profile page, for America-Smart-Car-Guide.com's smart car owners club.

Jim McCue & his smart car passion coupe

Hi there, smart car enthusiast... Jim McCue here. I'm the owner of this site and you can read more about me and my passion for the American smart car on my About Jim page.

But here's a glimpse:

What attracted you to the smart car: First thing, was the overall design of the smart car with its excellent engineering features combined with its functional goal of being a commuter car that delivers high Miles Per Gallon (MPG) to combat the ever increasing cost of gasoline, which now has reached $4 per gallon. Plus, I simply love the way it looks!

Favorite Model: Passion Coupe... love the moon roof!

Your favorite features: I love the two seat design with the hatch-back cargo storage area which makes it an excellent commuter car. Also, the smart car is eco-friendly for the environment. Finally, the smart car makes a statement that small micro-cars can make a difference in dealing with the high cost of gasoline, the pollution and congestion that is produced by the driving demands of the U.S.

I love the fact the smart car fortwo is paving the way for America to change its driving habits and allow us to adapt to a changing economy while helping our environment.

Current smart car status (as of June 2008): I have made my $99 reservation!

The closest smartcenter to you is: Lindon, Utah

Round Rock smart center

Your personal experiences with the smart car: I saw my first smart car fortwo in Boise, Idaho last fall (2007) and was simply fascinated by it. I began to research it and found out that it was coming to America via 74 dealerships.

So I put my $99 down on a reservation and I'm waiting till spring of 2009 to own one.

I test drove the smart car this past spring in Austin Texas at the Round Rock smart center. I loved everything about the vehicle and can't wait to see them everywhere in the country!

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My Visit to the Pittsburgh Smartcenter 
I returned to my hometown of Butler, Pa. over the July 4th weekend of 2008. It was great to see my entire family as we celebrated my Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding …

My Visit to the Round Rock smartcenter in Texas 
During the last week in March 2008, I was able to visit the Round Rock smartcenter when I took a trip to Austin, Texas with my significant other, Kathi …

I Hit 10,000 Miles in My Smart Car This Month! 
I'm happy to report during August of 2010, we put on our 1st 10,000 miles on our little smart fortwo passion coupe, and I thoroughly enjoy driving our …

Bought Our Smart Car in September 2009 
Hello smart car lovers... Kathi & I were able to buy our smart car last September of 2009, when I was hired as a math instructor at a local college and …

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Jim McCue taking delivery of new smart passion coupe

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Welcome to the site! I'm Jim, and I'm here to guide you through a journey of smart car discovery. So, look around & drill down as much as you want to for all the smart fortwo details you're looking for. Read and interact! And feel free to contact me!

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