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So you want your fortwo real bad...but you're not sure how to buy a smart car yet? Don't worry... it's not hard to make a smart car purchase when you have these smart car sales tips!

1) Making a smart Car Purchase:

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OK, step one of becoming an owner of a smart car deals with three main paths for purchasing a fortwo. They are:

  1. Purchase a new fortwo smart car from a smartcenter dealer and using the $99 Reservation program.

  2. Obtain a new inventory and/or "orphan" smart car from a smartcenter dealer or buy a certified used one.

  3. Buy a used smart car online from eBay or CraigsList.

Let me show you the paths on how to buy a smart car... Before you know it, you'll be making a smart car purchase so that you can put your hands on the steering wheel of your very own Mercedes Benz smart car...

For Path A: Place your order with smartusa

  1. I would recommend you find the closest smartcenter by using this link:

    and make contact with them before you use the $99 online reservation program.

  3. Then use the smartcenter reservation program from their site.

  4. Or use the $99 reservation program at (this puts you on the waiting list) by using this link:

  6. An e-mail will be sent to you with your confirmation number.

  7. Next use the Delivery Date Estimator from via this link: (Just put your email address in and you estimated dates comes out!)


For Path B1: Buy from the New Inventory/Orphan List by:

  1. With the change in the economy, smart centers are now displaying on their specific web sites new smart cars available directly on their lot. Just go to your closest smart dealers web site and

    1. Select from their home page, pull down menu: New and click "Inventory"
    2. A picture gallery of smart cars will appear, just click on the arrow buttons and peruse and when one strikes your fancy, just click on the picture and a detail picture with information will appear!
    3. Click on the 'specifications' and 'features' for price and accessories.
    4. When you have found your smart car that you want to purchase, simply call your smart center and tell then what smart car you want to buy!
  2. Contact the smartcenter dealers that you are willing to drive to and put your name on their orphan list.

  3. When a smart fortwo comes into a dealership and the owner changes his/her mind, then they go down the list and find a smart car driver who wants to "adopt" the vehicle.

  4. Note: if you are flexible with what model and options you can live with, then this is a great way to get a fortwo more quickly.

For Path B2: Get your name on the used certified list by:

  1. Contact the smartcenter dealers that you are willing to drive to and let them know you want to buy a used certified fortwo.

  2. When a used smart fortwo comes into the dealership, they perform an inspection and certify the fortwo is good-to-go.

  3. Note: With the smart car being so popular, some smart owners want to trade in their "old" smarts for new models because they want to upgrade.

For Path C: Buy a private used smart fortwo:

  1. Individuals are selling fortwos online via or and possibly other sites as well.

  2. Just keep an eye on these sites and go through the online bidding process.

  3. Note: You might pay more than retail for these smarts, since there is such a big demand for them.

Well, I've covered the three main paths to becoming an owner. So get out there and get your fortwo!

Good luck on your smart car purchase! I hope you now know how to buy a smart car...

Your "Smart Car Guy",
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