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Car Lease Information in an Easy to Use Kit
My Analysis of the Lease Kit from

If you need to know how to lease a car, then the car lease information in the best car lease guide I know is the ticket. It is called the Lease Kit and you need to get it...

How to lease a car guide

I've included this page so that you can learn more about the Lease Kit sold by the website before you go to the order page. It will help you decide whether to buy the Lease Kit I'm recommending... or not.

On my smart car leasing page, I highly recommended that anyone considering a smart car lease first learn all they can about how to avoid getting rooked in a car lease. I'm not saying that the smart car dealers will try to rook you, but it's never wise to go into a financial deal without understanding all the particulars. And lots of people don't really understand car leasing.

The guy who runs aims to fix that and help people make wise decisions about car leasing. He does offer quite a lot of free how to lease a car information on his website, but I highly recommend that you think about forking over the $20 for the Lease Kit. The Lease Kit is like a companion to the car lease information found in the free LeaseGuide website. The kit contains tons of tools and calculators that you won't find in the free area.

And after all... $20 bucks is not a lot to spend, especially when you think about how much money you stand to save in the long run.

As a former "geeky" engineer and present day geeky math teacher, I really liked all the analysis tools and calculators in the Lease Kit. You'll definitely know how to lease a car, and whether it's a good idea to do so, by the time you're done using all the car lease information in the kit. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Example Testimonial From a Lease Kit Buyer

"Although I had considered myself knowledgeable about leasing and able to get a good deal, I became frustrated after four days of dealing. I then found your website and invested in your Lease Kit. That investment has returned me over $6500.00 in savings ..." Steven -

What IS a "How to Lease a Car Kit"?

The first thing you should know about this product is that it's digital... that means you can access all its components right away... as soon as your payment is confirmed, so if you're just about ready to go for that lease, and you want to use this as a last-minute check or to learn how to negotiate the best terms... you can.

Think of it as paying for access to a private section of the website, where you'll find all sorts of database-driven tools and car lease information. You use it through your Internet browser and there is nothing that needs to be mailed to you, downloaded, or installed.

And even though you use all these tools and worksheets over the Web, you can print any of them that you want, so you can take them with you to the smart car dealer when you're going to negotiate a smart car lease.

What the Car Lease Kit Includes

Here are the main components of the Car Lease Kit:

  • Free Lease Guide eBook – Read and print the entire Lease Guide in one large document — share with friends

  • Vehicle Lease Ratings – Compare vehicle lease ratings and know which vehicles make the best - and worst - lease deals

  • Lease Evaluator – Evaluate any lease deal and see the best payment for any vehicle make/model

  • Lease Terms – See maximum recommended vehicle lease terms, in months, for all makes/models

  • Dealer Profit Margins – Compare dealer profit percentages for all vehicles for best bargaining advantage

  • Lease Payment Tables – Find lease payments easily without complex math - and compare to loan payments

  • Lease Worksheet – Organize your pre-lease homework and have all figures on-hand as you shop

  • Residual Calculator – Calculate estimated lease-end residual values for any vehicle make/model

  • Contract/Checklist – Understand lease contracts and what to look for before you sign - with sample contract form

  • Lease Inspector – Analyze the figures for any existing lease deal right from your contract — see how you did on the deal

  • Early Termination Guide – Learn how to end a lease early with minimum cost — all options explained with examples

  • Lease-End Advisor – Understand all end-of-lease options and how to choose the right option for you

  • Affordability Calculator – Determine which vehicle makes and models you can afford to lease

  • Free Bonus Feature – Get dealers to fax or e-mail you lease deals before you visit a showroom

Some users of the Lease Kit have even accessed it in the dealer's showroom from their iPhones!

Example Testimonial From a Lease Kit Buyer

"I purchased your Lease Kit on Saturday after getting confounded by various auto dealers and their tactics ... With the Lease Kit, reading your step-by-step instructions made the whole process come together for me. I was able to evaluate the deals and separate the good ones from the mediocre ... So thanks a lot for the lesson learned. The kit is well worth the $19.95." Phil Sidotti -

In Summary...

In my opinion, if you're planning to lease a smart car, then this how to lease a car kit is really invaluable. You get lifetime access (no matter how many leases you plan to enter into for the rest of your life!) and offers a 100% money-back, no questions asked, no-risk guarantee. If you want expert car lease information, then the Lease Kit is your hands-down best car lease guide around.

Get your "how to lease a car" access here

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