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Smart Car Interior Design

No discussion of smart car design would be complete without looking at smart car interior design.

I think you'll be surprised about the smart car interior size, comfort and design. Smart cars are nicer than they look. In fat, they have a number of cool creature comforts inside for your pleasure. Let's take a closer look at them...

Interior Design Features Aimed at Comfort

smart car interior seat view
  • The smart car for two has plenty of room for two people.

  • The Pure has grey-colored upholstery.

  • The Passion Coupe & Cabriolet models have upholstery in beige, red or black.

  • Optional heated leather seats are available for these two models too.

  • There are easy controls for the heating and air conditioning.

  • A leather steering wheel and gearshift knob provide a great feel for your hands.

Features Aimed at Convenience

Picture of a smart car's dashboard
  • Smart cars have a well organized dashboard including gear display, fuel gauge, trip recorder, outside temperature, time and service interval indicator.

  • The stereo system provides easy operation for the driver or passenger.

  • There are storage areas on both doors and near the steering wheel.

  • They've hidden extra storage on the inside tailgate.

  • Smart cars offer a flat folding passenger seat for extra storage.

  • There's a coin holder for your change.

  • They've included a two cup coffee holder.

So, as you can see, there's much to like about the interior smart car design... unless comfort and convenience aren't important to you. How about safety? Our page on smart car safety might change your mind...

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