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This page contains my smart car pictures. Some are smart fortwo pictures I took of other people's or dealer's smart cars, while others are my own personal smart car photo gallery.

I loved the smart car the very first time I saw one, way back in the fall of 2007. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me that day, but I still remember what a jaw-dropping experience it was to be sitting at a traffic light and watching that tiny car go zipping by up the Glenwood Street hill. I wanted one of my own, right then and there! Smile

I took to the Web and immediately started learning more about the smart fortwo cars that were going to start coming to America early the next year (2008). Turns out the one I saw was an import... there weren't any of the American models here in Boise yet, and wouldn't be for some months to go.

I was dying to see one of the new models "up close and personal," but as there were no plans to bring a smart car dealer to Boise, Idaho, my desires were put on ice. But in March of 2008, my wife Kathi and I traveled to Austin, Texas to visit her daughters and for her to attend a conference for her freelance writing job. Perfect! Round Rock, a suburb of Austin, was one of the first smart car dealers to open in the U.S.

So, I finally got a chance not only to see a smart car up close, inside and out, but also to drive one. We only drove around the block, but I was sold on the car... in that instant. A few months later, I traveled to the Pittsburgh area for a family reunion party and got to visit another smart car dealership, where I did a bit longer test drive.

So, a lot of the smart car pictures on this page are from those 2 dealer visits, as well as some other smarts I spotted over the next year or so. But then, further down on this page, you'll find pictures of MY smart fortwo car, which I finally bought in September 2009. I hope you enjoy seeing the smart car up close and personal for yourself! Smile

Smart Car Photo Gallery #1: Dealership Visits

The following pictures are from my first visit to a smart car dealer in Round Rock, Texas. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Smart Pure CoupeSmart Passion CoupeSmart Passion CabrioletJim looking at a smart car in Round Rock TX
Looking at a silver smart car in TexasYellow smart car at Round Rock smart center in TexasBlack smart car picture in a smart centerJim sitting in a smart car convertible model

And this next group of pictures is from my visit to the Pittsburgh smart center... (again, click to see larger version)

Pittsburgh smart centerSitting in a cabriolet in Pittsburgh2 smart cars in Pittsburgh waiting for pickupTaking a test drive in Pittsburgh

Other Smart Car Spottings in My Hometown of Boise, Idaho

Here are some pictures of smart cars I've taken either on smart car rallies or out and about in my home town of Boise, Idaho.

Smart car in a Boise neighborhood- brand newYellow smart car pictures on the streetSmart car enthusiasts at a smart car cruiseGathering of smart cars and smart car people
Smart car pictures in Idaho CityGroup of smart cars photoSmart fortwo cars in the Idaho mountainsJim looking at an import smart car in Boise

Smart Car Photo Gallery MY Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe

In September 2009, I took possession of a brand new smart fortwo passion coupe... white with a black tridion safety cell. Although I'd originally ordered a different color, I decided to go with this white model, since it had all the other features I was looking for. Here are some pictures of the day we picked it up, as well as a few from home too...

Our new smart car in the lot in Lindon, UTJim loving on his new smart carTrying stuff out in our new smart fortwo carSmart car photo - heading home
Jim & smart car in lot in SLCOur new smart car pictureJim in his new smart fortwo carSmart car next to our pickup truck
Photo of our new smart car at homeOur new smart car in the drivewayOur fleet of vehiclesTwo happy dogs in the back of a smart car picture

I hope you enjoyed this gallery of our personal smart car pictures. You can also view a smart car photo gallery of our pictures of the inside of a smart car, as well as smart fortwo pictures of crashes and accidents.

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