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Here are some police smart car pics. This smart car pictures gallery prove that police forces worldwide understand the value of a fuel-efficient police car!

When I picture police cars, I think I most often picture souped up fast cars like the Dodge Charger or sturdy sedans like the Ford Crown Victoria. At least in the U.S., those are commonly used types of police cars. We also have a few SUVs here in the mountain west.

So, I was surprised – when I started to look for smart car pictures for this website – to learn that a number of police departments both in the U.S., as well as Europe and Asia, are starting to adopt the tiny smart car as a police car. How wild is that?

But, hey... it's a great idea! Police officers spend a lot of hours and miles on the road... so why not use a fuel-efficient vehicle and save us taxpayers a few bucks along the way? What a great way for some of our most visible role models to behave too. Talk about making a statement...

Because of that, I thought it might be fun to include some of the photos I was finding here on this page for you to see too.

Our Police Smart Car Pics Gallery

Besides police car pics, we also found pictures of smart cars being used for security officers, a parking authority and even fire departments! Enjoy...

Smart police car picA Jersey City, NJ police officer in a smart carA police smart car from Edinburgh, ScotlandVancouver smart police carA silver police smart fortwo car picturePolice smart car picBlue Polizia smart car photoPortugese police car pictureBabylon PD smart car pictureAnother police smart car pictureA Seaside Heights NJ smart car for policeBroward Co FL police smart car photoA parking authority smart car picSecurity smart carSmart car fire engineDundee Fire Brigade smart car

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Hope you enjoyed viewing this selection of police smart car pics in our gallery here. Isn't it great that our public safety representatives are buying into the value of smart cars? Have you see a police or fire department smart fortwo car? If so, we'd love to add more pictures to this gallery!

Police or Fire Smart Car Pic to Share?

Do you have a great smart car picture of a police or fireman smart fortwo car that you'd like to contribute to this gallery? Great... go ahead and share them! Pictures do tell the story, don't they?

By the way, please contribute more than just the photo, OK? Please tell us where you saw this smart car (or if it was yours) and when you saw it... what was your reaction to it?

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