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I've done my best to make a complete reference site on the U.S. version of the smart fortwo car. The site is oriented both towards people who are interested in learning more about smart cars, as well as smart car owners and enthusiasts who want to share their smart car passion with others.

But the site is also somewhat of a work in progress, as content sites often are. So I recognize that I may not have every last little bit of smart car information you are in search of or it might not always be easy to locate.

So, I've added a couple of search functions here on this page to help you out. I'm all about helping my visitors out! Smile

In fact, I've partnered up with my favorite search engine, the mighty Google to help out my visitors who want to search smart car... or anything else.

Because I have a lot of smart car information right here on the site – over 100 pages, in fact – (and it's growing all the time), I'd encourage you to start with a site search. And only if you can't find it here, move on to the web search. I say that because a lot of what comes up in web search is crappy spam type sites. Believe me, I know... from all my research.

So, Here's How It Works...


Always use quotation marks with 2 or more words, for instance, "smart car reviews".

In one of the Google search boxes below, simply enter a word or two that relates to the smart cars info you are interested in. For example, if you're searching for reviews of smart fortwo cars, just type those words or some variation into the box. Then, press the Search button.

A new page will appear, listing every page on this site that mentions smart car reviews. It's that easy!

Ready? 1-2-3... Search!

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Or... If Necessary... Search the Web

If, by chance, you don't find what you're looking for here, then you can always widen your search to include the whole web...

Hope our search smart car boxes helped you find what you were looking for, smart car fans!

Your "Smart Car Guy",
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