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Smart fortwo crash

I'm not really sure why, but hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of searches are being done every month for pictures of smart car crashes. I don't know if it's a morbid curiosity, negative thinking or if people are just concerned how well the smart car holds up in a crash.

But... since there IS so much interest in this topic, I thought I'd include it here in my smart car pics section of the site. I don't have that many pictures of smart car accidents, but I've found a few.

If you have a smart car accident photo of your own you'd like to share, please do so on our Share Your Smart Car Pictures page.

A Couple Smart Car Crash Test Pictures for You

Smart Car Crash Test

Results of the smart car crash test
Smart Car accident photo

Like any vehicle on the road, smart cars can have accidents. And no matter what you're driving, an accident is no fun. Damage will ensue, trust me.

But smart cars are NOT the death traps many people believe. They have actually fared well in crash tests performed by experts.

And Daimler Chrysler/Mercedes have integrated a number of forward-thinking safety measures into the smart car design.

Learn more on my smart car safety page.

More Smart Car Accident Photos...

Smart car crash picture

smartUSA believes so strongly in the safety of their product that they built a whole website around safety called On the site, they provided a lot of the safety detail found on our smart car safety page I mentioned above. But if crash photos are what you seek, as well as info about how the smart fortwo holds up in an accident, then I urge you to check out that site.

There were some almost unbelievable stories there about how well the smart car held up in horrific crashes with larger vehicles... and how those same larger vehicles were much more damaged and their occupants much more injured. Oh, and there were a number of smart car accident photos there too!

For some unknown reason, smartUSA has taken down their website. And as far as I can tell, they haven't duplicated all the great user-contributed content there anywhere else either. It was a powerful selling tool to my eyes, but in my opinion, PR is not smartUSA's strong suit. So, I hope you'll take my word for it that there were a lot of great stories there from people who survived smart car accidents just fine!

If fear of a smart car crash is keeping you from seriously considering a smart car, put your mind at ease. This is a safe car... at least as safe, or even more safe, than other small cars, no matter what you see in the smart car accident photo gallery here.

Smart car owners can share their own smart car experiences and photos... with accidents, long trips, traveling in bad weather, etc. Tell us what you really think!

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