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Me in my new smart car Sept 2009

One thing I'm starting to learn as I come into more frequent contact with other smart car owners is that we are a passionate group. "Outsiders" who look at our micro cars and wonder how we can stand driving them just don't get it, do they?

For most of us smart car enthusiasts, driving a smart fortwo car is definitely about saving money on gas, doing our part for the future of our environment, taking up less space in the world... But it is also about something less easy to define... maybe you would call it the "fun factor".

In addition, I'm learning how much we all enjoy relating our smart car experiences, whether they be with road hazards, or stretching the smart's limits or whatever. So I thought it might be fun to give you a place to "tell your story", so to speak.

Do You Have a Smart Car Story to Tell?

I would love to add your story to this site! Let's get the word out to smart car info seekers everywhere about what a great car this is! Will you help me?

Here are some suggestions of the types of smart car stories you could contribute here:

Smart Car Accident Stories

Picture from a smart car accident story

One of the biggest concerns I hear from every non-smart car owner I talk to is smart car safety. I understand the concern about such a tiny car in this world of big-a** SUVs, but the truth is, the smart car is uniquely designed to be safe on the roads. smartUSA has developed an entire website dedicated to smart car accident stories, called

So, let's do our part here too... tell us about a smart car accident you've had and the results. Post smart car crash pictures and tell us how "the other guy" fared in the accident as opposed to you and your smart.

Judging from the stories on, I'm guessing these smart car accident stories will be mostly positive ones, but I'll take any real stories about smart car crashes that you want to contribute.

Here are some things you can include in your smart car accident story:

  • Your year, model, color of your smart car
  • Where your accident occurred
  • What led up to the accident
  • Exactly what happened during the crash
  • What kind of damage did your smart sustain?
  • Were you injured?
  • What did the other guy look like?
  • What did people say about the smart after the accident?
  • Your conclusions/assessment of the smart car's safety as a result

Smart Car Road Trips

Share your smart car story about travel

The smart car is designed to be... and billed as... an urban commuter car, and that's an accurate description. But my first drive in my smart car was around 350 miles of mostly highway driving home from my nearest smart center in Utah, and I had a blast!

How about you? Have you put your smart car through its paces by taking it on a trip of 200+ miles? Or have you used it for overnight travel or vacation like the guy I spoke to recently who took it from western Idaho to South Dakota and also Glacier National Park in northern Montana?

Here are some things you might include in this type of destination story:

  • Where did you go and how far was it?
  • How'd you like traveling long distance in the smart car?
  • Did you have trouble staying comfortable in the smart fortwo for such a long trip?
  • Did you have enough storage space to bring along all your vacation gear?
  • Did the absence of cruise control bother you?
  • Would you use the smart car again on such a long trip?

Smart Car Commuter Experience

Smart cars were designed for commuting, especially urban commuting. So you'd think they would do well in that function. But I'm interested in knowing what your personal experiences using the smart car for commuting have been. So, please share...

Here are some questions you can consider when writing your smart car commuter story:

  • Has the smart been a fuel-efficient commuting alternative for you?
  • If so, how much money do you think you're saving?
  • Has the smart performed well in city streets or on the highway for you?
  • Are you having fun driving it?
  • Is it a comfortable commute for you?
  • Does the smart car meet your needs/vision for a commuter car?

Bad Weather Driving

Smart cars and snow - good combination?

I think the biggest concern people might have about having a smart car accident while driving the smart car in bad weather is how it will perform on snowy roads, especially deep snow. But bad weather could also include wet, slick, rainy roads, icy conditions, thick fog, etc.

With the smart's small wheelbase and its rear wheel drive, you might think it wouldn't perform well in bad weather. But my experience has definitely been positive in rain, ice and light snow conditions (we don't usually have big snows here in Boise).

So, what smart car experiences related to bad weather have you had and how has the smart performed for you?

  • What kind of bad weather have you tested your smart in?
  • How did it handle in those conditions?
  • Anything you wish it would have done better?
  • What surprised you about how it handled?
  • Do you have confidence in your ability to travel safely in your smart car in bad weather?

Smart Car Storage Experiences

We fit 3 dogs in our smart!

My wife, Kathi, plays a game with her motor scooter that she calls, "How much can I haul on my scooter?" It's pretty amazing what she's done on occasion... Smile

But you could play that game with the smart car too. After all, it IS a micro mini car and at first glance, it sure doesn't look like you could haul a lot. But we've been using it for all of our grocery shopping over the last year and we routinely fit in 6 to 8 bags of groceries, a 12-pack of soda and maybe a box of wine (for my mother-in-law), plus other large items like big packs of paper products.

We also carry our 3 dogs in the smart car whenever we take them on a hike or other outdoor outing. Our 50-pound black lab, Cheyenne, claims the tailgate area happily. The 30-pound Boston terrier, Gizmo, sits on Kathi's lap or on the passenger side floor, and the shih tzu, Molly (10 pounds) bounces between the tailgate area and one of our laps.

So, what have you managed to haul in your smartie?

  • What have you carried and how far?
  • Have you used your smart car to go on vacation with suitcases or camping gear?
  • Do you carry dogs or other animals in your car?
  • How about groceries?
  • Have you added any type of outdoor or interior storage to your smart?
  • Overall, does a smart car meet your day to day hauling needs or do you have another vehicle you use for such tasks?

Other Miscellaneous Smart Car Stories

Or, do you have a smart fortwo car story to share that doesn't fit into our smart car accident, storage, weather, travel or commuter categories? If so, that's OK too... we'll take any kind of smart car adventure story that you'd like to share with us! Smile

Just be as specific and detailed as you can, so it's worth building a page about. I'd prefer stories that are at least 3 or 4 paragraphs, if possible, in order to have value for other visitors.

Share Your Smart Car Experience

Do you have experience with the American version of the smart car? If so, we'd love for you to share it!
Tell us what you've gone through with YOUR smart fortwo car.

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Thanks for either sharing your smart car accident or smart car experience story with us... or just for reading other smart car owners' stories. Either way, we all win!

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