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It's a fact... The Internet is here to stay and smart car enthusiasts are turning to the Web in droves to learn about smart cars, about how to fix smart cars and to buy smart fortwo cars, smart parts and accessories. How do I know? Because they're here on this site, every hour of every day!

So if you're thinking about advertising here, good for you. It's one of the best ways to reach a highly targeted audience, hungry for just what you're selling. When you advertise on, you are using your advertising budget in a highly efficient way, directly addressing a large community of smart car enthusiasts who are seeking solutions to smart car-related issues.

Instead of spending your budget to try and attract interested customers, by advertising on the valuable real estate of this website, you'll know you are laser-targeting a ready-to-buy, motivated audience: smart car enthusiasts and smart car owners!

Why Advertise Here? has built a sterling reputation over the past 2 years as an information-filled site with easy-to-read and access facts about everything smart car (U.S.). There is no other smart car site quite like this anywhere on the Web... at least not with our high quality standards. In fact, a number of other smart car blogs and forums send visitors to our site even though we might be perceived by some as competitors.

We are the premier smart car information site on the Web.

Our traffic has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few months. Smart car enthusiasts are flocking here from all over the United States. Here are some strong reasons why you should advertise here:

  • Receiving more than 1000 unique visitors every single month
  • Serving almost 10,000 page views in 2010
  • Found on search engines via hundreds of distinct keyword phrases every month
  • Visitors from 31 countries (61% in the US)
  • Ranked in top 30 results on Google for a number of smart car keywords
  • Lots of return visitors each day
  • Over 100 pages of unique content + a growing number of visitor contributed reviews, questions/answers and other types of smart car pages

Traffic will substantially GROW over time, therefore your value per click will increase (or...your cost per click will decrease).

If you own a smart car-related business providing services or manufactured goods to U.S.-based smart car enthusiasts, this may be the time for you to consider advertising with us.

Our Website is GROWING, Grow With Us!

Our website offers Low Cost, High Value advertising opportunities that will help fulfill the potential of your own business.

Where You Can Advertise on This Site

We offer a number of advertising options on this site. You'll see some sample ads on this page that give you an idea of size and placement. Also, if you see Google AdSense ads running on a page, that space is likely available for advertising as well, although I do reserve the right of final determination as to where and if ads will run on a page.

I will not accept ANY ads on the home page, other than those running throughout the site in one of the sidebars. At any rate, advertisers should understand that my home page receives less than 3% of my overall traffic. Also, all ads, whether text links or graphical in nature are "no follow" links.

So, here are the available ad sizes:

  • 468 x 60 pixel banners, running either under the first paragraph on the page, or at the bottom of the content
  • 160 x 600 pixel tower, running in the right sidebar
  • 160 x 160 pixel badge, running in either the right or left sidebars, as shown
  • 336 x 280 pixel rectangular ad, running in the content pane, either above the fold or at the bottom of the content; may or may not have text wrapping around the top location
  • Text link ad, usually placed within or after relevant text on a page
  • Featured resource directory listing (includes dedicated page, with up to 4 photos, about your resource)

There may be additional wide tower ad placement locations available on long pages where high word counts and a number of photo insertions in the main content area extend the page length significantly. You can also have the option to run an ad sitewide or only on specific pages. (more information on our pricing page)

The site is organized roughly in a 3-tier structure, as seen in the diagram below:

3 tier website structure

Tier 1 is the home page and, as mentioned earlier, not available for ad placements. The Tier 2 pages are hub pages which focus on a specific topic. These pages usually give a general overview of the topic and then link to related Tier 3 pages. Tier 3 pages tend to be focused on specific subtopics of the main topic and are laser-focused, content-rich pages that tend to rank highly in the search engines. Both types of pages can receive high levels of traffic; it just depends on how popular that particular topic is at any given point in time, and what kind of search engine traffic it is attracting.

Another Advertising Option

I am also always in search of high quality, relevant content for this site. I offer 2 options for content contributions, which incorporate advertising for your business:

  • One option is the full page advertising article. With this type of article, you can gain the full attention of both our human visitors as well as search engine spiders by creating a dedicated page about a smart car related topic. Your page will be submitted to search engines, be listed on our What's New page, and be accessible from our navigation menu, as well as from other relevant pages via text link. This should be informative information about a topic, not just about your business, but you can mention your business within the article.

    In your article, you can have up to 4 images or photos representing your topic/business (up to 100 MB in size each) and 4 (no follow) text links to your website. I think you can imagine what a high value option this is!

  • A second option is a personal interview with us. With this option, you answer questions by email that I ask you about a topic related to your business. For instance, if your business has to do with car insurance, I would pose a series of 5 to 10 questions about car insurance, as related to smart cars. Using your answers, I will build a dedicated page on this topic. Within the page, you would have either 1 banner ad or 2 text link ads.

Learn More About Advertising With Us

If you've read this far, you must realize what a perfect opportunity you have for advertising on this popular smart car website, which is great. So now, it's time to delve a bit deeper to find out more about whether advertising on this site is right for you. Please visit these pages to learn more...

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