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Smart car benefits include more than just smart car fuel economy. Find out why people like you decide to buy a smart car...

For Europeans, the high price of gas drove their need for high MPG fuel efficiency vehicles that could also handle the very small roads and very tight parking spaces.

So, obviously, the smart car fuel economy was a driving focus in looking at smart car benefits for that market.

But, what could be the reasons that Americans might buy a smart car fortwo?

smart car Benefits for Americans

Turns out that many of the things that Europeans liked so much about the smart car are some of the main reasons why people in the US have started to buy a smart car too:

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  • The fast rising cost of fuel is forcing Americans to seek high fuel efficiency vehicles that can combat their out of pocket fuel costs.

  • Americans are looking hard at their driving habits and looking for ways to cut back on the amount of driving they do and/or look for other modes of transportation. This also includes evaluating whether having multiple vehicles will meet there transportation needs. Such as a commuter car and a small pick-up truck instead of two SUVs.

  • Also, they are asking what type of vehicle best meets their needs for today and the future.

  • Many are considering "commuter cars" to get them back and forth to work along with local driving.

  • Finally, Americans are aware of the impact they have on the environment and want to make a difference by making a smaller pollution footprint.

Can the smart car make a statement in meeting their driving needs in this "brave new world" we face today?

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