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Jim the  Smart Car Guy says...

To my fellow smart enthusiasts,

When I first started this smart car website, the America smart car had barely even begun to arrive in the U.S., so most people (like me) who were thinking of getting one had not really been able to experience them in any big way yet.

So my concept for the site was to provide a guide for decision-making about this ground-breaking car. Because the smart fortwo car was so different from anything else on the market, it seemed important to weigh your buying decision carefully.

As time has gone on, the smart car has officially arrived in the United States, and 30 or 40 thousand of us are driving them on the streets and highways of our country. So, chances are, most people who are considering smart car buying today have experienced them already... at least to some extent.

Because of the smart car's greater visibility these days, we recently decided to expand the focus of this website from a simple smart car buying decision guide to something more comprehensive in scope. But I didn't want to totally abandon the decision guide concept, because it might still be helpful to those of you who think like me... a former systems engineer... and who enjoy having a formalized process. Smile

Your "Smart Car Guy",
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Your Smart Car Decision Guide

So, if you'd like it... keep reading. But, if you want to click over to some other part of the website instead, that's fine. I won't hold it against you!

Here's a decision-making diagram that gives you an idea of the process I'll outline in words below:

Smart car buying decision guide

Let's look at each stage a little closer...

Stage 1 - Information Gathering

You can begin your journey of discovery by gathering as much information as possible about the smart car. Start general and then get more specific, if you're still interested in learning more.

Stage 1a - Gather General Information

Here are some general information topics to consider. Follow the links to each page (each will open in a new window or tab) to learn more and then come back to this page for the next stage of the smart car buying decision-making guide.

What do you think so far? Still intrigued by this crazy little smart car? If so, continue on...

Stage 1b - Drill Down Into More Specific Smart Car Information
Smart car tailgate

Now we can begin to explore all its features and begin to see if the smart car fortwo meets your driving needs. Take your time to learn the specifics about all the great design features packed into such a little car. Then assess if these features as a package would meet your driving needs for today and the future.

Again, you can follow the links below to pages on our site that will answer some of your more specific questions...

If you've enjoyed digging deep into everything smart car, then you might be ready to experience it visually. That's where Stage 1c comes in! Keep going... Smile

Stage 1c - Pictures and Videos

Are you a visual person like me? Do you gain understanding by seeing more than by reading? Me too! So, go ahead and enjoy viewing the pictures and watching the videos we've assembled on this site. Some are ours, and others we've gotten off this wonderful world wide web. Use this stage to "wrap" yourself around the smart in order to get a complete picture of this amazing vehicle.

This concludes Stage 1 of the smart car buying decision guide. It's now time to move on to Stage 2, Smart ForTwo Reviews. I hope you're finding this process to be helpful!

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Hi smart enthusiasts!

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Welcome to the site! I'm Jim, and I'm here to guide you through a journey of smart car discovery. So, look around & drill down as much as you want to for all the smart fortwo details you're looking for. Read and interact! And feel free to contact me!

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