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Find out about how to do smart car care, smart car repairs and routine smart car service on your own, including smart car oil changes and more.

Do you understand smart car care?

Now that you're a smart car owner, it's important to know how to take care of your smart fortwo car, so that it keeps running well. Every car needs to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis, and the smart car is no different. So, taking the time to learn the basics is well worth doing.

By the way, did you know that the smartUSA.com website has a section specifically on smart fortwo car for the smart owner? I didn't... I just happened to stumble across it by accident. Yet another example of the un-user-friendliness of their website, in my opinion.

Feel free to visit the smart site to check it out, but I'm going to provide the same info here... only better! Smile

What You Can Find at smartUSA.com

Smart car maintenance checklist

Actually, what I should say is that you shouldn't only rely on their owners section, because it's not always detailed enough. But you can definitely find some great info there, so if you combine that with what I have on this site, you should be good to go.

So what do they have there? Well... here's the rundown:

  • Getting to know your smart car. In this section, you'll find a number of videos about how to operate/use different features in your car, such as the transmission, setting the clock, etc. There are also some downloadable PDF documents there, such as a 1-page, "Did You Know?" fact sheet about some minor smart car features, as well as a tip sheet on fuel economy. I've given you links below to open those documents right from here:

  • Maintenance checklists. They also offer printable checklists for each 10,000 miles you put on your car. I'll discuss these in greater detail in our smart car maintenance section, and I'll do you one better... I'll tell you HOW to do the various checks!

  • Do it yourself. Then there's their DIY section, which in theory sounds great... instructions on how to do some of the smart car care on your own. Unfortunately, they didn't execute this section very well, having sparsely-written tutorials with very tiny text, small pictures and incomplete details. I'm offering much more detailed tutorials here.

  • Owners manuals. You can also download all your owner documents from the smartUSA website, if you lost them or can't find the ones they gave you at the time your bought your smart car. They're in PDF format.

They also claim to have a list of service locations, but when you click on it, all it does is take you to their dealer locator. You can find that information right here on America-Smart-Car-Guide.com, but if – like me – you don't live close to a dealer, that info doesn't do you a whole lot of good, does it? I mean, who wants to drive 4 to 6 hours for smart car servicing?

So, you are certainly encouraged to see what's on offer at smartUSA.com, but I promise you'll find better information here!

What You Can Find HERE on Smart Car Care and Service

So what am I offering that's so much better than what you can find at smartUSA.com? Well, check out the following sections of this site for all the detail you need to care effectively for your smart fortwo car...

Smart car maintenance checklists and tutorialsHow to get smart car repairsHow to find smart car parts & manuals

Smart car care isn't rocket science. But you do need to know what you're doing before you attempt smart car repairs or smart car service and maintenance. So take the time to learn how to do it right!

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