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Smart car dealers in the USA are the best place to buy smart cars. Find info on smart car dealerships here for an official dealer of smart cars list.

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When smart fortwo cars first landed in the United States back in 2008, there were only a handful of dealers established. But over the next year, many more smart centers (as they call the smart dealerships) became operational. Quite a few of them were just extensions of existing Mercedes Benz dealerships.

Penske and Daimler Chrysler aimed to get smart car dealers in most areas of the country, at least urban areas, which is where the target population for the smart fortwo lived. Over time, a few more dealerships have opened... there are now 74 across the U.S. That number could be in flux, though, as smart car sales slump and/or rise.

Once you know where smart cars can be found, then you'll be ready to initiate the process of buying your smart fortwo car.

First Steps... What Car Do You Want?

Well, I know you want a smart car! But which one? There are 5 distinct (or fairly distinct) smart car models to choose from:

And soon, there will also be an all-electric drive smart fortwo model available too!

So, you have to figure out which one fits your needs, desires and budget best. And consider the available options too. Once you've done all that, you may want to get an idea of price. smartUSA has a great interactive page where you can choose exactly what you want and get a ballpark price. Try it out... it's fun to start dreaming!

Then, you'll be ready for the next step...

Second... Look, Feel & Try

Round Rock Texas has this dealer of smart cars

When you have a better idea of which features suit your lifestyle best, then it's time to take a trip to one of your closest smart car dealers. I've tried to give you as complete a picture of the smart car on the pages of this website as possible, but nothing can take the place of experiencing it for yourself.

Do you know where your closest dealer of smart cars is? smartUSA has a dealer locator at their website, but if you don't want to have to type in your zip code and would prefer just to scan a list of smart car dealerships like I do, then check out my smart centers directory page. You'll find exactly what you need to find a smart car dealer there.

If you can drive to a smart center, I would strongly recommend talking to a sales consultant and taking the fortwo out for a test drive. You could skip this step and just place your order by phone or email, but I don't recommend it, unless you've already gone the test drive route at some earlier point in time.

Ask the sales consultant to give you a tour of the smart car inside the show room and give it a close inspection. Then test drive the smart car and ask to take it out for a serious spin around town, on city streets and highways if you can, so you can see how it performs in a wide variety of situations and driving conditions.

A word from the wise... Take lots of pictures and video, so you can view them at home and remind yourself of what you saw. Once you get to my age, you find the old memory ain't what it used to be!) Smile

Making a Smart Car Purchase

Once you've gone to a smart car showroom and have seen the smart fortwo up close and personal, you might be ready to "sign on the dotted line." If so, great! You'll have a couple of options...

  • Buy one of the new smart cars the smart car dealer has on the lot. Sadly for the dealers, but great for us, is the fact that most smart car dealerships have a surplus of smart fortwo cars sitting on their lots these days. Seems now that gas prices are staying down in the $2+ range, Americans aren't as hot for the smart as they were back in 2008, when there were 40,000 people on the waiting list!

    They'll probably have a pretty good variety, including the BRABUS upgraded cars. The pure coupe is the only model that might be harder to find on the lot, since car dealers tend to stock the pricier models. Look around and see what's on offer... you might also get a good deal on a car that's been sitting there for a while, or that is from a previous year.

  • Order a customized smart car, exact to your specifications. But if you MUST have the exact smart car of your dreams, then you can go the total custom route. Your smart car dealer will be happy to help you order every option you would want. But you'll have to wait for the car to be built and shipped to your dealer, which might take months. No instant gratification there!

  • Look at their pre-owned smart cars inventory, if any. It's been 2 years now since the smart car fortwo first arrived in the U.S. (other than the European imports), so it's quite likely that you could find a used smart car at your local smart car dealership as well. And it might be available at quite an attractive price too.

  • Go online and look at what other nearby smart centers have available. If you can't find anything you want at the first smart center you go to, then you can see what other smart car dealers within a day's driving distance have available. As I said above, they almost all have some inventory on their lots, so it might be worth a drive to get what you want. OK, stop complaining... I had to drive a minimum of 5 hours to get MY smart car! Smile

  • Check out other "unofficial" dealers of smart cars. Check out used car dealers in your area or go online to sites like eBay, which at one time was doing quite a brisk business in reselling smart cars. You might find a great deal.

The best way to buy a smart car is to talk to smart car dealers directly. They may or may not be running local promotions, but they will definitely be knowledgeable about current company-wide promotions, such as financing deals or purchase discounts/rebates. Visit your local smart car dealership's website to make an appointment for a test drive or to find out what kind of inventory they have on their lot.

Once you've found a smart car of your own, then you'll need to arrange a smart car loan or arrange for smart car leasing, as well as getting some smart car insurance...

Smart car dealers lot

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