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The Smart Car Fortwo Exterior Features Are What Makes the Smart Car So Unique

Smart car design and the many unique exterior smart car fortwo features are what make the smart car such a fun and ground-breaking vehicle to own.

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OK, like the word specifications, the word design can be interpreted in a variety of ways. This page on the design of a smart car covers mostly exterior, or outside, features. When I talk about outside features, I'm talking things like paint color, overall body design, wheelcovers, and other accessories that influence how the smart car looks.

You might be more interested in the interior features or engine design or technology or maybe safety design. I have pages on those too (click the links).

But one thing is for sure... each smart car fortwo has that unique smart car design that simply catches people's eyes as they drive by, mainly:

The tailgate is one smart car design feature
  • The smart fortwo car is a two-door car with a hatchback for easy access to storage.

  • The hood actually slides down the front and does not open up in the traditional way.

  • The smart car tailgate has two parts, a top half that swings up while the bottom half swings down. This enables you to use the top half when you want to put in or retrieve something small and don't need the whole tailgate open.

  • There are six exterior colors to choose from, along with two trim colors for the tridion safety cell.

  • For wheels, the Pure model only comes with 15" steel wheels with wheel covers. The Passion Coupe and Cabriolet come with the 15" 9-spoke alloy wheels.

  • Optional fog lights are available for the Passion Coupe and Cabriolet models only.

  • smart car color options
  • Standard exterior smart car colors are crystal white, deep black and light yellow and standard tridion safety cell color of black.

  • The 3 metallic exterior colors of silver, red and blue will cost you more, along with the silver tridion safety cell color.

  • Another cool smart car design feature is the interchangeable body panels colors that you can have your dealer swap in and out for you... just in case you get bored with your current color scheme.

You'll see examples of the smart car colors throughout the pages of this site, if you haven't already seen them on the roads where you live. They're pretty standard colors. But I also grabbed this screenshot from the smartUSA site for you to see. Visit the site if you want to see the smart car graphic change color.

I have the white color with the black tridion safety cell and it's nice, but it's... white. Good for the high desert where I live though! (Especially since I have the black leather interior option)

So, there's an idea of external smart car design for you. The smart car fortwo is really quite an attractive little car. There's nothing else that looks like it on the roads. Whenever I drive mine, I always attract attention.

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