Smart Car Evaluation - Step Two

Ranking the smart fortwo Features

Drill Down From ... (Stage 3)

The next step in your smart car evaluation is to rank the smart fortwo features.

2) How to Rank the smart Car's Features:

yellow smart fortwoThis is where your "gut" instincts about what really matters to you come into play. We simply need to rearrange our good and bad lists from random order and rank them by importance, with first ranking being the highest and the last ranking being the lowest in importance.

The best way to do this step of the smart car evaluation is to conduct a one-on-one battle between two features and rank which one is more important to you.

Here is a quick example, take the following 3 good smart fortwo features:

  • good gas mileage
  • cute looks
  • safety features

Now compare safety features to cute looks... which is more important to you? (For me, it's safety features.) Then, re-rank the list of smart cars features based on your ideas of importance.

  1. good gas mileage
  2. safety features
  3. cute looks

Next, compare safety features to good gas mileage... which is personally more important to you? (For me, it's safety features.) So, re-rank again.

  1. safety features
  2. good gas mileage
  3. cute looks

Now you have the 3 features ranked in order of relative importance to your beliefs and feelings.

OK, I think you've gotten the idea by now of how to do this smart car evaluation, right? So, rank both your good and bad points about the smart fortwo in order of personal importance to help with your "buy a smart car" decision.

I've taken the the list and conducted my own personal ranking, just to give you a point of reference to compare to your personal ranking.

Smart Cars "Professional" Assessment Ranking:

Good Points (Strengths)

  1. Allows a person to "Make a Statement"!
  2. Great safety features
    (tridion safety cell,4 air bags and good braking system)
  3. Achieves good mileage at 34/41 MPG
  4. It's designed to be a commuter car
  5. Mercedes Benz engineered
  6. Small footprint on the environment
  7. Roomy interior for two
  8. Generous cargo space in rear
  9. Handles well in the city
  10. Many creatures of comfort standard
  11. Many options available on 3 models
  12. The fortwo is "cute"
  13. Can park in really tight spots

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