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You love and want a fortwo...but what are the smart car finance options available out there?

2) How to Finance Your Smart Car Purchase:

smart car finance begins at the smartcenterStep two involves the "ugly side" of buying the smart car... How are you going to pay for your fortwo smart car price? There are two main ways that I know of:

One... Cold hard cash out of your pocket OR

Two... Get a smart car loan from a bank (financial institution)... Yikes! (By the way, does not mention smart car leasing on their website. However, no details are given. I would talk to a sales consultant for information)

OK, maybe three... get somebody to buy one for you! Try family and friends first, then neighbors and work associates... good luck with this option; let me know how it goes! Let's call this smart car finance option the very special "smart car Loan"!

Paying with cash for the smart car is pretty easy, assuming you have what it takes... Current smart car pricing is approximately $12,000 to $18,000. So, with the cash in your "electronic hands", simply get a certified check from your bank or electronic transfer the $$ to your smartcenter and you get your little fortwo smart car...

Perhaps a practical third way is the combination of money you have saved along with a smart car loan from a bank for the remaining amount to cover your smart car price.

Let's take a closer look at this smart car finance option:

  1. The bad news is that you are probably going to have to wait for months to actually buy your fortwo.

  2. The good news is that you can save money during this time so you borrow less!

  3. Find out the estimated delivery window for your smart, so that you can put together a "smart" saving plan.

  4. Look at ways you can cut down on expenses that allow you to save more. Perhaps giving up some of those treats you love over the long hall will add up to a lot of money saved and perhaps a few pounds lost as well... assuming those treats are ice cream cones and frosty cold draft beers, if you're at all like me!

  5. Try having a yard sale and get rid of those excess things you don't need anymore and add that amount to your "smart" saving plan.

  6. Just remember... Where there's a will, your mind will find a way...

  7. As for getting a smart car loan, take your time and shop around for the best interest rate that you qualify for.

  8. Note: Work on improving your Credit Score. This will help a lot with taking advantage of the best smart car finance options.

  9. Along those lines, work on reducing your debt. This will help you qualify for a smart car loan too.

  10. Good luck with your efforts!

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