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Here is detailed information about the smart car fortwo features that enables you to understand just what the smart fortwo car is all about.

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We're here in Stage 1b of our discovery journey of the smart car. Now we can begin to explore all its features and begin to see if the smart car fortwo meets your driving needs. Take your time to learn about all the great design features packed into such a little car. Then assess if these features as a package would meet your driving needs for today and the future.

The following features of the smart car fortwo will be covered:

  1. Three smart Car Models Available
  2. Outside Features
  3. Inside Features
  4. Engine Design
  5. Safety Design
  6. Transmission
  7. MPG, Size and Performance Numbers

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Let's begin by reviewing the smart fortwo car features to get an overall sense of the details:

1. The Three smart Car Models Available:

The smart fortwo currently has the Pure, Passion Coupe and Cabriolet as models.

smart car models - the pure, the passion coupe and the passion cabriolet

  • The Pure is the base model for the smart car.

  • The Passion Coupe has standard upgrades, including the sun roof.

  • The Cabriolet is the top of the line smart fortwo car, featuring a convertible roof.

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    2. The Outside Features:

    Every smart car fortwo has that cute or wow factor that begins with its outside looks. The small size catches your eyes as one zips by you, but there's more than the two door hatchback or the sun roof or convertible...

    Perhaps the six different exterior colors catch your eye... or is it the unique shape the smart fortwo car has that makes you wonder... where is the engine?

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    3. The Inside smart car Features

    smart car speedometer and steering wheelWhen you get the opportunity to look inside the smart car fortwo, don't pass it up! Why, you ask?

    First off, the smart fortwo car has plenty of room for two passengers and their stuff. Sit down in the very comfortable bucket seats and take a look at the well designed dashboard and all the creature comforts you can handle. You feel secure knowing the tridion safety cell surrounds you and provides plenty of protection.

    But... is there more? SURE!

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    4. Engine Design

    The 3 cylinder, 71 horsepower engine is a nice blend of power, performance and economy. How did the smart designers and engineers accomplish such an amazing task? Take one out for a test ride to find out for yourself.

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    5. Safety Design

    OK, this car is simply packed with so many safety features, you will wonder how they got them all in such a small size vehicle.

    The safety system created by the smart engineers is amazing. It starts with the tridion safety cell and four air bags and ends with an amazing braking system with plenty in between.

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    6. Transmission

    The smart car has a unique automated manual 5 speed transmission.That gives you two modes of driving.

    One is automatic mode, where you let the transmission shift gears for you.

    Alternatively, use the clutchless manual option with paddle shifters.

    If your head is spinning trying to figure out what this all means, then...

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    7. MPG, Size and Performance Numbers

    smart car numbers are greatThe smart car has some pretty impressive numbers to consider, such as:


    Never mind... There is too much to list here so...

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