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Across the Web, you will find special interest forums on thousands of different specialty topics. When people are passionate about a topic, it seems they like to talk about it... perhaps endlessly. I know my wife Kathi has told me a time or two that I manage to weave either smart cars or math (the subject I teach... passionately)... or sometimes both... into most every conversation. Smile

So, as this site started to grow and mature, it just seemed to make sense to add some discussion functionality. Now I think there's nothing sadder than an empty forum, and while I wanted to add a forum to the site, I didn't want to add tons of empty topics, with only my name everywhere...

So, I came up with this mini-smart car forums idea. Kind of fits with the smallness of the smart car, don't you think? Smile

So, Start Talking Smart Car!

Smart Car Forums Rock

Here's how this forum page will work. You can use the form below to start a forum topic. Give it a name and then add your actual conversation. Once I approve it to go live, then either I or other visitors will be able to comment back on your topic... and in turn you can add your comments... and so on.

Here are some possible topics that we might discuss, although you are totally free to come up with others too, as long as we stay pretty much on topic with smart cars or at least fuel-efficient cars...

  • What kind of mileage are you getting?
  • What modifications have you made to your smart for appearance and/or performance?
  • Are you having any mechanical difficulties?
  • Who plans to go for the new smart ED once it becomes available?
  • How far have you gone in your smart?
  • How much stuff can you fit in your smartie?

As I said, those are just possibilities. Talk smart car in our smart car forums any way YOU want! So, are you ready?

Do You Like to Talk Smart Cars?

Do you enjoy talking about smart cars? If so, this is the place for you. It's not like a traditional forum, but it IS a place where you can share anything you want connected to smart cars... how they work, what they look like, how you're using them, etc.

Fill out the form below to start a new topic or skip down and click on topics that are already started and use the Comments link on that page to join in the discussion.

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see other forum topics started by other visitors to this page...

Cleaning the car. 
I'm having problems getting spots out of my Smart Pure cloth seats. Any suggestions?

Are smart cars safe? 
I'm seeing more smart cars on the road and I'm curious as to how safe they are since they're so small. Any thoughts would be helpful. I'm very interested …

Click here to write your own.

Besides starting your own smart car topics, be sure to check out any of the smart car forums topics started by other visitors too. Engage in the conversation... every which way. And remember, when you're here at America Smart Car Guide, you are allowed to talk smart cars all day long... without anyone complaining!

Open your mind to the possibilities of a smart car

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