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Everywhere I go in my smart car, I get people asking me questions... questions like, "What kind of mileage do you get?"... "Is it comfortable?"... "What about safety?"... and so on...

Most of these questions about the smart car are things I can easily answer, now that I own my own smart for two. So I thought it might be helpful to create this page on my site for your smart car questions. That way, you can get answers from a bona fide smart car owner!

I'll answer as many smart questions as I can, but any other smart car owners who happen to visit this page should feel free to supply smart car info too. Smile

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The smart car is still somewhat of an unknown in the U.S. Those who own it, love it. But lots of people don't really know what to think of the Daimler Chrysler smart car. So you can ask for the smart car information you want right here and get answers... from real live smart car owners!

What Other Visitors Have Asked

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Do smart cars roll over easy? 
When you steer a smart car can it tip over easily? Answer: I have never heard that this is an issue and I've certainly never felt an instability like …

Can you make long distance trips in a smart car? 
I'd like to drive from Houston to Denver and back. Would this be possible in a smart car? Answer: Great question, Regina, and one we've longed to …

How do I adjust the alarm and light settings on a Brabus smart car? 
How do you set the sensitivity of the motion detection, mine is up in the driveway some twenty feet from the street, every time a car drives by the alarm …

How do I know when my smart car is running hot? 
Without a heat gauge, like I've always had in all my other cars, how do I know when the car is dangerously heating up before it's too late and damage is …

Can I pull my Smart Car behind my RV - 4 on the ground with the power steering option? 
I want to know if anyone is pulling a Smart Car w/electric steering and if so is there a problem? Does the battery need to be connected for this configuration? …

Can a smart car be towed behind an RV on all four wheels? 
We own an RV and are thinking about towing our smart car behind it so that we have more fuel-efficient transportation when staying in one place for a day …

Can I put a complete fuel system cleaner in the smart car? 
I purchased Prestone Complete Fuel System Cleaner to make the smart run more efficiently. Can I use this in the fortwo smart? Answer: Camillia... …

Does the Brabus option increase the blue book value of the car? 
I am in the process of purchasing a SmartCar Cabriolet Brabus 2009. I want to know if the Brabus option increases the NADA value of the Cabriolet. …

What does this button under the steering column on the left side do? 
Under the steering column to the left side there is a little button with what looks like a pic of a headlight on it, with three settings (0,1,2). what …

Can you carry a baby seat on the smart car? 
Can you put a car seat for babies into a smart car or it is only for adults? Answer: Great question, Claudia! It is generally not recommended to put …

How long does the air conditioning last in smart cars? 
Is the A/C good enough for summer weather in the U.S.? Answer: Hi Tom... I don't have any scientific evidence on air conditioning in smart cars, only …

What does the engine malfunction light mean on my smart car? 
When the engine light comes on in my smart car, could that be because the gas cap is loose?

Should I upgrade my smart car? 
I have a Pure model of the fortwo smart car. Got it March of 2010. If I was to upgrade to a Cabriolet, would that be worth it? And how much time should …

Is it possible to make more leg room with a diesel smart car 2006?  
Can you remove the foam cover on the right side of the smart car for more leg room and keep it out safely?

Do you have a manual for maintenance separate from your site without all the advertisements and videos, something on PDF that can be printed? 
We are a smart car owner. 2006 diesel. Very cute, like it a lot. We are a pickup truck family, this new addition works well. Lots of things to learn …

Can I convert my smart fortwo Pure roof to a sunroof? 
I own a Pure smart fortwo 2009... it has a hard top... can I turn this into a sunroof or convertible if I want? Also, where do I get a discounted bike …

How do you reset the maintenance counter after a smart car oil change? 
Hi... I'd like to know how I can reset the odometer after the oil change. Can you tell me how to do it?

How big of a difference does a smart car make enviromentally? 
It's easy to see how tiny the smart car is and so I've been wondering, how is the smart car environmentally friendly? Or is it environmentally friendly …

Do all smart cars have manual transmissions? 
I'm kind of intrigued by this new smart car, but I heard they have a manual transmission and I don't know how to drive a stick. Plus, I just prefer the …

Can a smart car go on the freeway? 
I've seen these cute little smart cars all over the city where I live, but I do a lot of commuting on the freeway and I'm wondering how well such a small …

Isn't the smart car unsafe? 
I'm wondering about smart car safety... I mean, this car is tiny! How could it stand up against larger vehicles or road barriers in the event of an accident? …

Who makes the smart car? 
I'm wondering who manufactures the smart car in the U.S.? Some people I've talked to say it's a Chrysler car; others say Mercedes. I even heard something …

What is the smart car MPG? 
I'm guessing such a small, fuel-efficient car like the smart car must get great mileage, right? How does it compare to cars like the Toyota Prius, the …

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Hopefully you found the smart car info you needed while you were here. But if not, feel free to ask your own questions about the Daimler Chrysler smart car by using the form above.

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Your "Smart Car Guy",
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