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Here is general smart car information you can use to learn about the smart cars that have arrived in America.

Jim the  Smart Car Guy says...

To my fellow smart enthusiasts,

I'm here to guide you through Stage 1a of gathering general smart car info, which is where you begin your journey of discovery. It will help you understand what the fortwo is all about.

The following areas will be covered:

After you have reviewed my high level answers to the above questions, don't forget to click on the More Details Button below to "drill down" for more smart car information about the smart cars questions. Upon completing this stage 1a of gathering smart car info, you will be able to move on to stage 1b where detailed information about smart cars is contained.

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Let's start our smart car information with the first question:

What the heck is a smart car?

white smart carHere's my take on the smart car fortwo:

First and foremost, smart cars are designed to be commuter cars that are fun to drive and get good gas mileage. It's a very roomy two seater hatch-back with spacious cargo area in the rear.

Mercedes-Benz designed and engineered this critter, which has excellent safety features that have earned high marks. Also the fortwo gets good gas mileage on the road.

It comes with many creature comforts and has three models to choose from. You can even get a convertible top to really have fun zipping around town and out on the roads.

The smart just has something about it that appeals to many people. Some call it "cute", which it is, but it also has what I'll call the "wow" factor. This car is the future... it meets America's future driving needs today.

At the very least, it's worth knowing more about smart car info and asking yourself....Does the smart fortwo meet my true driving needs?

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Next, let's get behind the history of smart cars so we can figure out...

Where did the smart car come from?

European smart carIt all started back in 1995, when Swatch and Mercedes Benz decided to build a very small car for Europe.

Let's take a quick tour of the history of the smart cars via an interactive show "Travel Through Time with smart".

Simply click on the link below and click with your mouse on the orange circles to travel through time.

Note the smart story is displayed in the upper right side in squares. Also, on the upper left was big events occurring that year. Finally, your mouse controls the speed of the time travel.

Enjoy this cool way to travel through time!

Travel Though Time with the Smart Car

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Finally, this all important smart car info needs to be explored...

Why are people buying them?

People in Europe and now North America are realizing just how special the fortwo is. It satisfies the driving needs of commuters who need:

  • A safe way to travel
  • Good gas mileage
  • A smaller footprint on the environment
  • To park in very small places
  • Quality: A well designed/engineered car from Mercedes-Benz
  • Reasonable pricing

You might sum this all up and proclaim: "The smart fortwo is a heck of a car!"

Stay on your discovery journey and learn more about the smart car!

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Can the smart car make a statement in meeting our driving needs in this "brave new world" we face today in America?

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