What Are Your smart Car Likes and Dislikes?

Assessing smart Car Pros & Cons

Drill Down from ... (Stage 3)

Let's determine your smart car likes and dislikes by ranking smart car pros and cons (don't forget smart car faults!) to assist in your decision process.

You might call this step time to:

1) Assess the Good, Bad & Ugly:

smart cars photoLet's examine your list and sort them into two columns. Put the strengths the smart car has in the first column and label it "Good". Next put the weaknesses the smart car has (the smart car faults) in the second column and label it "Bad". (Note: you can put both the smart car likes and dislikes columns on one page if you want)

As for the "Ugly," let's agree that coming up with the money fits that bill and we will deal with it later on in stage 4. For now, list the smart car pros and cons in any order. We just want to create your personal assessment to use in deciding whether to buy a smart car is right for you.

OK, are you finished? It's an important first step in making this decision. Make sure you're done with this step before you continue with the next one.

As your smart car guide, I feel it's my responsibility to give you my "professional" assessment of the smart car based on the the smart car reviews I've summarized elsewhere on this site, as well as my own experience on test drives. You can compare my smart car like and dislikes against your assessment.

Smart Fortwo "Professional" Assessment

Good Points (Strengths)

  • Mercedes Benz engineered
  • Great safety features
    (tridion safety cell, 4 air bags and good braking system)
  • It's designed to be a commuter car
  • Achieves good mileage at 34/41 MPG
  • The fortwo is "cute"
  • Roomy interior for two
  • Generous cargo space in rear
  • Handles well in the city
  • Can park in really tight spots
  • Many creatures of comfort are standard
  • Many options available on the 3 models
  • Makes a small footprint on the environment
  • Allows a person to "Make a Statement"!

Bad Points (Weaknesses)

  • Sluggish transmission
  • Engine performance is OK (Only 70 horsepower)
  • Needs premium fuel (91 octane)
  • It's just ok driving on the highway
    (trouble with strong winds on highway)
  • The price is reasonable?
    (I personally wish it was $2000 lower)
  • The smart is simply too small?

Well, we have just completed part 1. How does your assessment compare to my smart car likes and dislikes? Similar? Or do you have more/less items than I do?

Just keep in mind, my list is just for reference; yours is the one that counts for you on the decision to buy a smart car.

little smart fortwo pictureSo, let's move on to Part 2 and find out what's really important to you about the smart car...

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