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A smart car loan is one way to buy a smart car. Find out about smart loans and smart car leasing options here.

Smart car loans help with smart car purchases

OK... you've decided a smart car is right for you; you've picked out the model and options you want; you've test driven and kicked the tires... and you've found the smart fortwo car you want to purchase and bring home. But before you can buy a smart car, you have to figure out how you'll pay for it.

If you have enough money that you don't need to apply for a smart car loan, but instead can plunk down the entire sales price in cold, hard cash... good for you! But you're probably in the minority of smart car buyers... and I'm envious... Smile

So, this page is all about the rest of us, and... getting a loan to buy a smart car or arranging for a smart car lease.

Financing a Smart Car Purchase

Here are the main ways to buy a smart car (or at least to take possession of one):

  • Apply for a smart car loan. The smartUSA company offers in-house financing through DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas LLC (DCFS USA), and you can even apply online. They promise a 4-hour decision, if you apply during the weekdays. The great thing about getting your loan through DCFS is that they frequently offer attractive interest rates, as an incentive for buying the smart car over other types of cars. As of this writing in 8/2010, they are offering either a $3500 rebate or a 1.9% interest rate, but that may change frequently. Check the smartUSA website to see what's happening currently.

    Of course, you can always get smart fortwo loans from other sources too, such as your local bank or credit union. You can even find great loan deals online, if you look hard enough. Just be sure you're dealing with a reputable website, not someone who's just out to steal your personal information.

  • Is a loan or a smart car lease in your future?
  • Opt for a smart car lease. Another option that smartUSA has made available recently is smart car leasing. And if you can't come up with a downpayment and/or don't want to take on a high car payment, then a smart car lease might be the right choice for you. Get more details at our smart car leasing for beginners page.

If planning your finances when purchasing a smart fortwo car would be easier if you knew what kind of payments you might have, then the smartUSA payment estimator might be helpful to you. You can put in the model you're looking at, as well as any options you might want to get a pretty accurate monthly payment estimate.

In summary, while most of us would love not to have to incur a smart car loan that will need to be paid back, the reality is that smart car loans (or at least a smart car lease) are the only way we'll ever be able to buy a smart car. So approaching it sensibly is, well, smart!

If you'd like, you can further research getting a loan for a smart car purchase by searching Google:


Which smart car model do you want to buy?

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