Three Smart Car Models

Which Smart Car Model Do You Like Best?

There are 3 smart car models to choose from, including the smart pure coupe, smart passion coupe and smart passion cabriolet. Which smart car model is right for you?

picture of a smart pure

All three models of smart fortwo cars have something a bit different to offer, but they are all great choices, depending on your personal preferences and budget. If, like my wife Kathi, you first saw smart cars in Europe, then the U.S. version is going to be a bit of a surprise. Kathi thinks the U.S. version is cuter, and I have to agree when I compare it to some of the local imports I've seen around here.

Actually, I keep talking about 3 models, but come October 2010, there will actually be a fourth model... the smart electric drive, or smart ED, which is the all-electric version of the smart car. It's already in production and will be available on a very limited basis in 9 different smart centers in the U.S. Check out my smart electric car page here for more information on the wave of the future.

But back to the currently available smart car models...

Back to Basics, A Little Luxury or Fun & Adventure?

Picture of a smart passion coupe - smart car model

There's a smart fortwo model that's right for each of us, I believe. Here's a quick overview, but click the model name to learn more about the specifics of each one:

  • Smart Pure Coupe. This is the basic smart model, but even the basic model comes with tons of convenience and safety features. It does have a few less options, as you'd expect. The focus is on the essentials that a smart car driver needs, for a very cost effective price. This smart car model is for the driver who wants the most economical commuter vehicle with basic amenities, including all the safety features, along with a base trim package.

  • Smart Passion Coupe. This is the model I bought, and I do love the small luxury touches. You can tell this car is made by Mercedes Benz. The Passion Coupe has many standard upgrades, including the sun roof, power windows, electronic mirrors, a CD player and air conditioning. This model offers the best bang for the buck, in my opinion. It offers comfort in abundance and is elegant with its upgraded interior.

  • Photo of a smart car convertible
  • Smart Passion Cabriolet. This smart car convertible is smart's top of the line model and it spoils the driver in almost every way possible. For example, the convertible roof is automated and the car includes an upgraded premium 6-CD player and sound system. This model has all the fun you can handle, while hanging onto a certain level of sophistication. We considered this one, but couldn't justify the extra expense, given our financial situation. Maybe one day...

  • Smart Car BRABUS Models. The BRABUS company has teamed up with smartUSA to produce 2 additional models based on the Passion Coupe and Cabriolet models, but with enhancements to appearance, performance and convenience. These are for the really discerning buyer!

For more details on the individual smart car models, visit each one's page. It'll give you an idea of the smart car design for each model.

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