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Join our smart car owners club today. Online smart car clubs are great fun for smart car enthusiasts like you!

This online club is where smart car fans gather together to share their passion for the smart car with their own stories and experiences. Become a member of the smart car community that sticks together by helping each other. This community shares its smart car stories and adventures along with advice about the smart fortwo car.

I truly appreciate all the input the "HooD" receives from all the smart car enthusiasts in the U.S., which enables this community to be supportive, learning and fun! Let's share our passion for the smart car so all of America can see that the fortwo does make a statement...

So, what exactly is this smart car owners club all about? Well, that's a fair question...

Why Should You Join Our Smart Car Clubs?

Smart car clubs sometimes travel together

It's totally free to join, and is designed to be nothing more than a fun way to get to know other smart car owners from far and wide. The community is still small right now, but with your help, we'll grow!

And, who knows? One day, some of us may even meet for real... If you'd like to join, just fill out the profile form you'll find below; before long, you'll be part of our cool online smart car owners club too!Smile

Eventually, I may break members into regional or state pages, but for now, we're all in here together.

What to Include in Your Profile

It's your profile, so you can include whatever you want, but here are a few suggestions. The closer everyone follows these suggestions, the more consistent our profile info will be and the better we'll be able to get to know each other.

Here's my profile page, if you want to use it as a guideline

  • Your name, of course (omit your last name, if preferred)
  • Your location (city, state only)
  • What attracted you to the smart car?
  • What is your favorite model (or which one do you own?)
  • What features of the smart car do you like the most?
  • Do you own a smart car yet?
  • If so, where did you buy it?
  • Up to 4 pictures of you and your smartie
  • Anything else you want to add about yourself and/or your smart car experiences

Please note: Your profile will NOT go live until either I or my wife Kathi have a chance to review it for relevance (you'd be surprised at the crap that sometimes comes in through these online forms) and to correct any typos or punctuation, etc. errors. It might take us a couple of days to approve it, so please be patient.

Join Us in the smart car HooD!

Want to be part of our fun smart car club just for smart car enthusiasts? Great... let's go!

More Smart Car HooD Members

Click below to see other smart car HooD members in our smart car club...

Joni and Toni "the sisters" 2008 Blue Passion Cabriolet 
My sister and I are retired now, so we needed to have some fun before life was over, we went to buy a Smart car together. We take turns driving it around …

Anne Louise, 2008 Yellow Passion 
Bought my smart car in Minnesota. The features I like the most are the mileage, around 40 - 43 if I stick to the speed limit, the comfort package with …

Will EnSer Smart (Pure 2008 and Passion 2008) Nor-Cal San Fran 
Well I like the Smart 451 so much I picked up an Orphan. Now my wife and I both have Smart fortwo Smarties :)

Dennis Laqwson - 2008 Black Passion 
I just bought it 01/14/11. It seemed to be a great way to start the new year. I am a big guy in a small car and I love it!

Kathi MacNaughton - Co-owner of 2009 White Passion Coupe Smart Car 
I'm (site owner) Jim McCue's wife and webmaster for this site. I love the smart car too! Click my name to read my personal take on this tiny micro car... …

Marilynn - 2010 Red Passion 
Have been watching Smart Cars on the road for a few years and am now an owner of one. Am loving it. I think of it as my "lady bug" and therefore have …

Al Moore - White Smart Passion 
Here is the Smart Car Hood profile for Al Moore, happy white smart passion smart fortwo car owner. Click on Al's name to hear all about why he chose the …

Peter Bartlett - Red Passion Smart Car 
Here is the Smart Car Hood profile for Peter Bartlett, happy red passion smart fortwo car owner. Click on Peter's name to hear why he chose the smart car. …

Tom O'Brien - 2008 Passion Smart Car 
Here is the Smart Car Hood profile for Tom O'Brien, happy passion coupe smart fortwo car owner. Click on Tom's name to hear all about the reasons why he …

Click here to write your own.

Jim McCue - 2009 White Smart Car Passion Coupe Here is my Smart Car Hood profile. Click on my name to hear all about the reasons why I chose this micro mini car as my personal commuter vehicle...

Smart car enthusiasts meeting up for fun

Besides joining the smart car owners club, you can also look at other smart enthusiasts' profiles above and comment on them. Or, once yours IS live... come back periodically and update us on what's happening with you and your smart by using the Comments link! Thanks for joining our smart car clubs!

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