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The Smart Car Picture Page

This smart car photo page contains smart car pictures of the smart car interior features.

If you like to look at pictures of smart fortwo cars, I've posted them in several places throughout the site... on just about every page, in fact. But if you're trying to understand what the smart car is all about, then you might want to see more than just the outside of a smart car...

You might want to get more familiar with the insides too... What are the main features? How is safety woven into design? How much storage, leg room and head room is there really? If you haven't already been there, I'd strongly suggest you visit our detailed page on interior smart car design, but if pictures are all you're interested in right now, then I'll attempt to answer all those questions with the smart car photo galleries on this page...

Dashboard & Safety Equipment

First up, let's take a look at the components of the smart car, including its safety features. (Click to open a larger version of each picture)

Inside of a smart fortwo carSmart car dashboardPicture of a smart car engineThe tridion safety cell is inside every smart car for safety
Rear view of tridion safety cellTridion safety cell side viewSmart car drivers front airbag in steering wheelInstrument panel on the smart car
Smart car steering wheelSmart fortwo paddle shiftersSmart's manual automatic shifting systemSmart fortwo speedometer

Smart Car Interior Storage

Next, let's get a feel for how roomy the smart car really is. It's actually quite amazing. You can't tell it from here, but 6'6" guys fit in a smart car just fine! So do our 3 dogs, including a 50-pound lab! (Click to open a larger version of each picture)

Smart cars have lots of legroomThere's storage pockets in both doorsSmart car glove box is fairly largeSmart cars have 2 cupholders under the dash
Smart car tailgate opens both top and bottomSmart tailgate area is roomy enough for 6 bags of groceries or a 50-pound dog!My smart mobile officeSmart cars' tailgate doors open for even more storage

I hope you've found each smart car photo on this page to be useful in getting to know the smart car. And if you have any smart car pictures of your own, be sure to visit our Share Your Smart Car Picture page.

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