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Smart car pictures are worth a thousand words about the smart fortwo, don't you agree? So, enjoy this gallery of smart car photos, where you'll find both interior smart car images and exterior images.

Take time to explore all of the photos of the smart car that you'll find on this page. The galleries below are meant to be a preview of larger images.

To view a large snapshot, just click on the smaller smart car image and a large, easy to see smart car pic will pop up. You can close it when you're done and pick a different smart car photo to enlarge. To see a caption for each picture, just run your mouse over it.


Outside smart Car Pics

Smart cars come in 6 different colors and 3 distinct models. The colors are: blue, black, red, silver, yellow and white, with either black or silver trim. Which color do you like?

The models are the basic Pure, upgraded Passion Coupe and top of the line Passion Cabriolet.

With the smart car pics on this page, you can begin to get a feel for each of these color shades and the different model stylings.

Hey, who's driving that red smart?

Hint: Without his faithful sidekick Kathi, you would not be viewing this site!

OK, it's me checking out the smart fortwo at the Pittsburgh smartcenter.

Inside smart Car Photos

Chances are, if you've been researching the smart car fortwo, you have a fairly good idea of what the outside looks like. After all, you can see that just from watching a smart drive by on the road.

But you might have no idea what the inside of a smart car looks like. I know I didn't, at first. And I'm guessing you'll be pleasantly surprised at the roominess and many features available as you review the pictures in this gallery...

Take advantage of this gallery if you have not been inside a fortwo yet. I bet you are beginning to get the urge to visit a smartcenter and get yourself inside one!

Whose fingers are those, you ask? Guess who!

Over time, I may be adding more smart car pictures to these photo galleries to enhance the online experience.

I also welcome your contributions of smart car images. To submit them, join us in the "HoodD", won't you?

Hey smart car fans,

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