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Facts About Smart Car Pricing

Smart car prices are not cheap, but they do match the value you get. Find out the facts about smart car pricing here...

Smart car prices can vary

Smart cars could not be considered "economy cars" no matter how small they are. Hey, they're made by Mercedes Benz... what do you expect! Smile

But to my eyes, you get a lot of value for your dollar, when you buy a smart car. You're not paying cheap car prices... but you're also not getting a cheaply-made car. You're getting a smart car with a lot of standard safety features, as well as many convenience and comfort features too.

I also think you need to consider how much you'll be saving on gas, once you start driving a smart car. Depending on what you stop driving as much once you get the smart, you might be paying as little as half as much to fill up for the week as you've been paying. Can't argue with those savings...

So What Is the Price of a Smart ForTwo Car?

Well, as with most makes of cars, it depends on the smart car model that you select... as well as any options you add on. But here are the base list prices, according to the smartUSA website, for the 2010 models...

  • Smart Pure Coupe: $11,990

  • Smart Passion Coupe: $13,990

  • Smart Passion Cabriolet: $16,990

Other Smart Car Pricing

Smart car pricing for the passion coupe

Here are the 2010 prices on some of the options for the smart car fortwo:

  • Metallic paint (gray, blue, silver): $225

  • Silver metallic tridion safety cell (instead of black): $175

  • Alarm system: $160

  • Power steering: $450

  • Heated seats (a must!): $220

  • Fog lamps: $110

  • Additional instruments (googly eyes): $120

  • Comfort Package (which includes power steering, heated leather seats & fog lamps): $850

Obviously, all the smart car prices listed above are subject to change at any time, especially as the years go on, though I will try to update this smart car pricing list from year to year as new prices are published by smartUSA. It's also possible that you can negotiate a better price at your local smart center, depending on the current supply and demand of smart cars in your area. But at least this will give you a ballpark idea of smart car prices, as you're deciding whether you want one or not.

3 smart car models - pure, passion, cabriolet

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