Smart Car Purchase - Yes?

Last Step in the Smart Car Buying Guide for Smart Car Enthusiasts

So, you are ready to make a smart car purchase? This is the final step in your smart car buying decision guide. Ready to join the smart car enthusiasts in the U.S.?

Jim the  Smart Car Guy says...

To my fellow smart enthusiasts,

Well, we finally made it all the way through the Smart Car Buying Decision Guide! Can you believe it? Thanks for sticking with me through it all...

So, you've gathered smart car information, looked at smart fortwo reviews and considered the pros and cons of smart cars thoroughly, as well as what those various pros/cons mean to you.

Hopefully, if you're here, you have also concluded that the smart car is right for you and now are ready to take the steps towards becoming an actual fortwo smart car owner.

But... I may be getting ahead of myself here... just to be sure, let's complete the process once and for all...

Your "Smart Car Guy",
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Stage 5 - "D-Time"!

Folks, we are finally ready to address the burning question:

Does the smart fortwo car meet YOUR driving needs?

My approach to finding this critical answer as to whether to make that smart car purchase or not is based first on answering a series of high level questions to find out if the smart car is the best vehicle for you. This is what I call "shaking the decision tree". If you answer NO to any of these questions, then a "don't buy a smart car" flag is raised and perhaps the smart car is not best suited for your personal driving needs.

However, if you can honestly answer yes to all of these questions (checking them off = "yes"), then you are ready to commit to making a smart car purchase and move on to actually becoming a smart car buyer!

So let's begin... if you answer any question "No," then raise the "Don't buy the smart car" flag.

Is a smart car right for you?

Please Note: These questions are just a guideline to help assist you in this personal decision making process about a smart car purchase. Only you know what's best for you.

So let's shake the Decision Tree:

Do you need a commuter car?

Does such a small car meet your driving needs?

Can you afford the price range ($12k to 18k)?

Do you feel safe in a fortwo?

Does the fortwo estimated gas mileage of 33 city, 41 highway MPG meet your fuel efficiency needs?

Do you feel the good features outweigh the bad features of the smart? (this is your assessment from part 2)

Can you live with the bad features on your list?

Do you believe the fortwo will make you happy while you are driving it? (might want to take a test ride!)

Do you want to "make a statement" with the fortwo?

Are you ready to buy?

I'm hoping you were able to answer "Yes" to the above questions and no "Don't buy a smart car" flags were shaken from the tree...

If not... I thank you for investigating the smart car and taking the discovery journey. Please keep the smart fortwo in your mind; perhaps over time you might reconsider that smart car purchase decision!


If you did say "Yes" to all ten questions, then I'm very excited and happy for you... because you are ready to move on that decision and put your plans into motion to buy a smart car like I did!


You are helping to make a difference in America by taking action and Making a Statement...

But... if you decided that a smart fortwo is NOT right for you at this time, then you might want to take a look at my page on fuel-efficient alternatives.

Wow! You'll soon be off to buy a smart car of your own, I guess. I hope you found this smart car buying decision guide to be a help. If you still have questions, please feel free to ask them here.

Smart car rallies are for smart car purchasers

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