Smart Car Repair – Uh Oh!

Where to Get Smart Car Service &
Smart Car Repairs Done

What if you need a smart car repair? Do you know where to find smart car service that will do smart car repairs?

What if you need smart car service from a professional?

If you've visited my smart car maintenance page, then you know that simple and routine smart car service can be done on your own, with a few parts and tools. Almost anyone can do an oil change and check to make sure certain things are still working properly. Some people may even be able to do basic repairs like replacing light bulbs, changing wiper blades and so on.

But... what if the worst happens and your smart car breaks... or you're involved in an accident? When those kinds of things happen, you're probably going to need smart car repair services. smartUSA recommends you always used certified smart car parts and go to an authorized dealer. And the only authorized dealers they refer you to on their website are their smart car dealerships.

And I guess that's fine, if the dealership happens to be within 25 to 50 miles of where you live. But what if, like me, your closest smart center is a 4.5 hour drive away? A little far to go for repairs, don't you think?

And I have to tell you, that dealer locator on the smartUSA website isn't very good either. They tell me my closest smart center is in Portland, OR, an 8-hour drive through the mountains, never a good idea in the west during the winter. But in reality, my closest smart center is, as I said, "only" 4.5 hours away... in the other direction, in Salt Lake City, UT, a much easier drive.

So What's the Answer for Smart Car Repair?

Smart car repair is needed here!

Well... if your closest dealer is as far away as mine, then you're going to want to find a closer solution. The problem is, that even after 2 years, the smart car is still so relatively new and unique that not every car repair shop is going to know how to work on them. Nor should you let them, if they don't know what they're doing.

I'm fortunate here in Boise, Idaho. A few smart car owners here imported smarts from Europe before the American version hit our shores and they have already identified repair shops that will work on smart cars, which they've published on our Smart Car Club of Idaho website.

So, probably the best thing for any of you to do is check with YOUR local smart car club, if there is one, to see if anyone can give you a referral.

If you can't find a repair shop already familiar with U.S. smart fortwo cars, then there is another option. The smartUSA website offers a subscription service for service professionals. For a small fee ($7.95/day or $20/week), which you could even offer to pay, you could suggest a car mechanic you trust access the smart car online service manual there.

Help Me Build a Smart Car Service Center Directory Here

I thought it might also be useful if we start a sort of smart car repairs and service directory here on this site, since I aim to provide all the smart car info that U.S.-based smart car enthusiasts need in one place.

So, I'm actively soliciting contributions here. If you know of a smart car-friendly service center near your location, then please add it below, won't you? I truly appreciate your help!

Do You Know of a Local Smart Car-Friendly Mechanic?

Please help us build our smart car service center directory for the U.S. If you know of a mechanic or repair shop near you who is familiar with smart cars and will provide good customer service, please add it below.

NOTE: Please don't list smart car dealerships here. I already have a directory elsewhere on the site for them. Thanks!

Other Smart Service Centers or Professionals

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Idaho - Garden City - Eurosport 
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Click here to write your own.

More Info for Smart Car Owners

Arranging for smart car repair may be somewhat challenging, but the good thing is that the smart fortwo car is reliable, so you shouldn't need to worry about smart car service very often. Here's hoping you avoid the need for such services for a good long while!

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