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Wondering about smart car specifications? We have the information you need on smart car specs and smart car technology.

Many smart car specs to consider

"Specifications" is a general term that might mean different things to different people. I'm not sure how you meant it if you found this page by searching on that keyword.

But here's how I'll use it on this site. I'm using it to mean the overall inside and outside features of a smart car, including smart car design, smart car models, the smart car engine, and smart car technology, including safety features.

From this page, you are able to access other pages that go into more depth on those various aspects of a smart fortwo car. So feel free to move around at will to discover what you are most interested in learning. If you're like my wife, you might not care at all about the smart car engine. It might be the smart cabriolet coupe design that you're most intrigued by. Or maybe safety features are your thing...

Whatever the case may be, it's all good. I've tried to capture all those areas! Smile

An Overview of Smart Car Specs

In any discussion of smart car specifications, I find it helpful to include Mercedes original concept in developing this innovative little car:

"The smart fortwo offers a high level of fuel efficiency, comfort, agility, safety and ecology. smart expresses the lifestyle of an enlightened and forward-thinking social class that cannot be defined by age or social standing, but rather by attitude, lifestyle and an open-minded outlook on life."
Smart car specifications poster

Kind of says it all, doesn't it? The smartUSA website goes on to describe how the smart fortwo offers a true "revolution in driving style" by providing innovative energy efficient and recyclable materials, several options for customizing the appearance of your smart, and a high-seated driving position that give you great visibility.

And did you know that 95% of the vehicle is recyclable and that the dash material is made from recycled synthetics? Talk about environmentally-friendly!

What About Smart Car Size?

Here are some smart car size specs for you to consider:

  • It is 106.1" long, 61.38" wide and 60.71" high.
  • Cargo space is 7.8 cubic feet up to the beltline and 12 cubic feet up to the roof.
  • The smart car weighs around 1800 pounds.
  • Front tire size: 155/60 R15.
  • Rear tire size: 175/55 R15.
  • Maximum total weight is 2,315 lbs. Leaving about 507 lbs. for passengers and cargo.

More Specifics...

Here are some specific areas you can delve into to understand the smart car fortwo a bit better:

I know smart car specifications might mean numbers to you and there aren't many numbers on this page. I get it... I'm a math teacher and numbers are my game. Smile But, if you take the time to explore the pages linked above, you will definitely find the more specific numbers that you are looking for... there are plenty of smart car specs just for you! However, if you really MUST have the hard cold data of smart car technology specs listed in table format, then visit this page at smartUSA.

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