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For visual people like me, a smart car video review might make more of an impact. So, I've located the best smart car videos I could find, just for you...

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1) Your Smart Guy's Video Review

COMING SOON! I plan on taking video of my next smart car test ride in Pittsburgh, PA after the July 4th holiday. I will be traveling back to my home town of Butler, PA to attend a family reunion in honor of my Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary that occurred this past February.

So, please check back soon to see my personal smart car video review...

2) Scooter Scoop smart Car Review: (9:40)

Steve from Scooter Scoop is the narrator and Steve from smart USA is the driver in this smart car video review. The two Steves take the fortwo out for a highway test drive.

This is a great video showing the smart car accelerating on the access ramps of a highway and cruising along at 65 MPH. Steve the narrator points out how "cute" the smart fortwo is, along with its great features, that make it a commuter car. However, he wants to find out how it does on the highway.

They also show the fortwo performing a perpendicular parking along with images of the tridion safety cell and video of a smart car crash test at 70 mph. The video finishes up with outside and inside shots of the smart car. This video gives a good feel of what it is like driving the fortwo.

3) Jay Leno's smart Car Review: (9:20)

Jay Leno uses his passion for cars and humor to give his evaluation of the smart car. The smart car video opens with Jay walking along and showing older cars that were pretty good on gas mileage. He then stops at a smart car and gives it a good inspection along with asking questions to Ken from smart USA.

They review basic features of the smart, along with giving a demonstration of the Cabriolet convertible being put down as well as removing the hood.

Jay next takes the Cabriolet out for a spin and give his opinion on how the smart operates on the road. He liked how it handled the road and gives a demonstration of its tight radius turn by doing circles. It looks like he's having fun!

Next, Jay tests how the fortwo handles corners and is pleased. Jay loves how the convertible can be put down while driving. He points out the acceleration is OK, but is fun to drive and he can handle the "cute" factor being a guy.

Overall, he states that the fortwo is pretty "cool". Jay finally tries to perform a burn-out and fails, but he can live with it. This video is enjoyable to watch with Jay's humor and honest assessment of the smart fortwo.

4) MotorWeek smart Car Review: (5:36)

John Davis is the host of this MotorWeek review of the smart car and he states the fortwo gives a smaller footprint in our lives with its design. The narrator gives general information on the smart as they show it driving on the roads. Some of the points mentioned are the smarts tridion safety cell and the fact that it is "cute".

This smart car video shows great snapshots of the fortwo exterior and interior features and gives good descriptions about them. This video is worth watching several times to really get a feel of what the smart design is all about.

The narrator states the test drivers liked the roomy interior along with the spacious cargo space in the rear. They did discuss the sluggish transmission but were pleased the fortwo did so well in city driving, averaging 34 MPG during the road test. The video shows the starting prices for the three models available: Pure, Passion Coupe and Passion Cabriolet.

5) Fifth Gear smart Car Review: (6:47)

The driver takes the smart car out for a twelve hour test drive. He begins by giving an overview of the interior. Throughout the review, he compares the new smart fortwo against the first generation that has been in Europe for almost 10 years. This review gives plenty of examples of where the new smart fortwo has been improved over the previous one.

The test ride begins in the city somewhere in Europe where the driver likes how the fortwo handles. Next, he proceeds to the country to and is disappointed with the sluggish gearbox (transmission). Finally, he heads towards the mountains and is pleased with how the fortwo handles/grips the winding road.

He is pleased with how much fun driving the smart is and proclaims "you don't have to have a lot of power to have a lot of fun". This smart car video concludes with the driver making it through the 12 hour test drive with him summarizing up his experience.

6) AutoFocus smart fortwo Review: (3:03)

Ben Estalis provides a good smart car video review about the fortwo while participating at one of the smart car tour stops here in America last year (2007). Ben shows off the smarts roomy interior and cargo area in the rear.

Also, safety features are covered, highlighted by the tridion safety cell picture. Next, the video shows Ben taking the fortwo out on the road to see how it rides the road. He reviews the performance specs so the viewer can get a sense of how such a small car does on the road.

Finally, this smart car video gives a quick explanation on the three models available along with the MPG rating. The video ends with this quote about the smart fortwo car: "The right car at the right price"... something to think about.

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