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Looking for smart car videos? We have gathered smart car YouTube videos and even have a smart car video or two of our own...

Our dog, Gizmo the Boston Terrier in our smart car

It is the video age, and many people, especially the younger generation, seem to love watching web videos. It's no different for smart car enthusiasts... you all want to watch videos of and about smart cars too. So that's why I've built this page! Smile

I don't know about you, but I find that videos really help you "get in touch" with your inner smart child. Smile

If you can't have your own smart car right now, at least you can kind of feel what it would be like to drive one by watching smart car videos. Unfortunately, when I first started researching the smart fortwo, videos on this car were few and far between. So, I researched all over the Web to find the best smart fortwo videos for you.

I spent quite a few hours (or should I say days?) watching videos and picking out the best ones for this site. However, now that I'm re-doing the site (or should I say my wife Kathi is turning it into the 2.0 version?), we're going to remove some of the original videos we had here, as they were news videos, and the smart coming to America is no longer news.

Some Sample Videos

But there are still a couple of the old ones that I think are worth watching...

For example, here's one of the very first quality smart car videos I ever found, back in 2008:

Cali in the Drivers Seat: (1:49)

Cali, the narrator, is at an Auto Show checking out the smart fortwo. She mentions that over 30,000 people had made their $99 reservation in order to get a smart car here in the U.S. (Back when the brand new smart car was hard to come by; it's a different story today.)

The video shows great images of the interior of the fortwo, along with exterior shots. They even show how easy it is for the smart car to park in a small space.

And then, there's this one by the Wall Street Journal that bears watching, if you haven't experienced the smart car for yourself:

Wall Street Journal: (1:52)

This brief smart car video shows what the tridion safety cell is, along with an interior image of the smart fortwo. They also show interviews with people asking them what they think about this new micro car.

Other Smart Car Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

I've divided up the videos I found (or made myself) into various categories. If you're just learning about the smart car, then definitely check out the reviews. If you already own one, you might want to bookmark my tutorials page; I intend to add to that one regularly over the next few months.

Watch smart car crash test videosWatch smart car video reviews
How to care for the smart car with JimShare your own smart car video

Take time to explore all the smart car videos I've found for you on each page. Over time, I may add to those too, as more smart car YouTube videos pop up on the Web.

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