Smart cars are not too small to pull a trailer

by Anonymous

I'm pulling a 150 Easy Thule Aluminum Trailer with my 2009 Smart For Two (Passion). Some may consider the Smart Car too small to be practical. I've discovered that any Trailer and Hitch company can order a custom hitch made specifically for Smart Cars.

It bolts up to the frame and can be fitted with a 1 and 7/8 or 2-inch ball or 2-inch receiver etc. The small car pulls amazingly well. By fitting a hitch and buying a $450.00 Thule Trailer, you can have the benefit of a truck bed when you need it, and the efficiency of a small economical car when you don't need to transport larger objects.

You may be the subject of several camera phone snap shots, but who wants to be ordinary and boring anyway.

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Nov 03, 2015
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Feb 10, 2011
Sure would like to see it!
by: Jim, the Smart Car Guy

Hi there,Anonymous. Thanks so much for posting this story... I have to say, I didn't know a smart car could actually tow a trailer. I'd sure like to see a picture of it... you couldn't snap your own phone pic of it? :)

If you want to send me a pic, you can email it to jimmccue1 AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks again!

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