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You're here because you want to know more about the smart fortwo car, right? It's a common quest these days... you see one of those intriguing, funny little cars out on the road and you want to know more about them. I know that's what happened to me a few years ago, and I couldn't rest until I had all the smart car facts...

First and foremost, smart cars are designed to be commuter cars that are fun to drive and get good gas mileage. The smart for two is a very roomy two seater hatchback with a spacious cargo area in the rear. Funny looking, yes, but surprisingly functional.

Smart Car USA Is Our Focus...

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Although you will find mention of the original European smarts like the one pictured at the left in some of the pages on this site, such as our history page, for the most part, my focus is the American smart car, specifically the one manufactured for the U.S. OK, then...

Smart cars come with many creature comforts and have three models to choose from. You can even get a convertible top to really have fun zipping around town and out on the roads.

The smart just has something about it that appeals to many people. Some call it "cute", which it is, but it also has what I'll call the "wow" factor. This car is the future... it meets America's future driving needs today.

At the very least, it's worth knowing more about smart cars and asking yourself....Does the smart fortwo meet my true driving needs?

smart car usa launch

People in North America are realizing just how special smart cars are. They satisfy the driving needs of commuters who want:

  • A safe way to travel

  • Good gas mileage

  • A smaller footprint on the environment

  • To park in very small places

  • Quality: A well designed/engineered car from Mercedes-Benz

  • Reasonable pricing

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You might sum this all up and proclaim: "Smart cars are a heck of a car!"

Stay on your discovery journey and learn more about this incredible car!

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