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Jim the  Smart Car Guy says...

To my fellow smart enthusiasts,

This page covers the second and third stages in the smart car buying decision guide process. If you came directly to this page and don't know what I'm talking about, then you may want to click that link above to read more about the buying decision guide.

But if you're with me, then now that you've finished phase 1 of gathering information on the smart car, then the next thing I'd like you to think about doing is to read what other people have to say about the smart fortwo car. It can be quite illuminating. My wife, Kathi, tells me you should never make a smart car purchase (or any other kind of purchase these days) without searching the Web for reviews first. It's so easy to find reviews on just about everything!

And smart cars were such a phenomenon when they first hit the U.S. back in 2008, that there have been quite a few reviews written about them, both by experts and also by people like me who did smart car test drives and who may or may not have eventually bought the car.

You might want to start with my smart car review. I started it when I did my first test drive back in March 2008 in Austin, Texas and I continued to update it until I was finally able to complete my own smart car buying process in September of '09.

Your "Smart Car Guy",
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Stage 2 - Check Out Another Smart ForTwo Review or Two...

Read a smart fortwo review

Here are some more smart car reviews to help you with your learning process:

  • Edmunds Smart Car Review. Edmunds InsideLine is a website dedicated to reviewing and showcasing all manner of cars and trucks. In 2007, they bought one of the first smart fortwos to hit the U.S. (in the LA area). They've since sold it and they weren't really fans, but this smart fortwo review and its followup are comprehensive and informative, if a bit negative.

  • Car and Driver Smart Fortwo Review. Car and Driver magazine also maintains a website and they also reviewed the brand new 2008 smart fortwo when it hit the U.S. Another informative review from car experts.

  • Smart Car Review. This smart review is from Aaron Gold, the Car Guide at He took the smart car for a test ride when it was new to the U.S. too. His review also includes a pretty large photo gallery, which shows the smart fortwo both inside and out.

  • Motorweek Smart Car Review. Motorweek is a long-running TV show that airs on PBS and the Speed cable channel. This review was mostly positive, while also citing some of the same smart car cons that other reviewers have noted.

  • Our Reader Reviews. You may also want to check out the smart fortwo reviews from our readers. I expect this section to grow over time, so you can always check back later to see what's been added. Or, if you make your own smart car purchase, leave a review here of your own!

I'm sure you're going to see a recurring theme in some of those expert reviews, but I have to emphasize how much I still love my smart car after a whole year of driving it. And thousands of other smart car owners feel the same! So use all of these opinions simply as more information as you work your way towards your own smart car buying decision.

By the way, if those aren't enough reviews for you, you can always search the Web for more, using the Google search box below:

Stage 3 - Assessing the Pros and Cons

Jim McCue in his brand new smart car

Now that you've gathered information, both general and specific, and had a look at what other people had to say about the smart car, then it's time to move on the Stage 3 of decision-making, which is to assess the pros and cons of smart cars.

I'm going to guide you here, so I guess you might say this is just another smart fortwo review, but a little repetition never hurt anyone! Smile

This is basically my summing up of everything I've read and experienced with the smart fortwo car.

Smart Car's Good Points (Strengths or Pros or Likes)

  • Mercedes Benz engineered
  • Great safety features
    (tridion safety cell, 4 air bags and good braking system)
  • Designed to be a commuter car
  • Achieves good mileage at 34/41 MPG
  • Cute appearance
  • Roomy interior for two
  • Generous cargo space in rear
  • Handles well in the city
  • Can park in really tight spots
  • Many creature comforts are standard
  • Many options available on the 3 models
  • Makes a small footprint on the environment
  • Allows a person to "Make a Statement"!

Bad Points (Weaknesses or Cons or Dislikes)

  • Sluggish transmission
  • Engine performance is OK (Only 70 horsepower)
  • Needs premium fuel (91 octane)
  • It's just OK driving on the highway
    (trouble with strong winds on highway)
  • The price is a bit high for the fuel economy and its size
  • The smart is simply too small

I don't necessarily completely agree with all those smart car cons above, but they were recurring themes among the reviewers.

We have now completed looking at each smart fortwo review and my summation of smart car pros and cons. So on to Phase 4 - Final Decision on Buying a Smart Car (or not). Here's where your work starts!

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