A Strategy for Smart Car Buyer Candidates

Smart Car Sales ... To Buy a Smart Car!

Is there a strategy for smart car buyer to get to smart car sales and buy smart car? Not really... it is getting easier to buy a smart car all the time!

strategy for smart car buyer? go to a dealer!

OK, listen... I know that wording above in the headline and first paragraph is a bit awkward... But I am trying to match search terms that people use about smart cars, so I can help them find their way to this website and learn all about these great little cars!

But what this page is really about is helping you understand your options for buying a smart fortwo car, once you know you want one. When I first got interested in smart cars, it was darn hard to get hold of one. There were barely any smart car dealerships open at that time (though lots were planned) and you had to reserve one online if you wanted to buy one.

And then once you reserved it (paying a $99 refundable fee for that privilege), it would be another 12 to 18 months before you'd ever see your car. The backlog at the time I made my smart fortwo car reservation was 30,000! (This was early 2008.) At that time, gas was rising towards $4 a gallon and Americans were feeling pretty desperate about wanting fuel-efficient cars.

Smart Car Sales Today Are Much Easier...

Smart car sales to buy smart car

But, flash forward to 2010... these days, there's really no big strategy for smart car buyers... you decide you want one, then you go find one and before you know it, you are on your way to buying smart car! You see, there is no longer a backlog of smart car orders. Supply now exceeds demand.

Why? Probably a few reasons. Gas prices have come down to around $2/gallon nationwide, and they've been at that general level for about 2 years now, so Americans have gotten used to the "new normal" for gas prices. Most of us have accepted that gas prices will never again go much below $2 and so we're not "feeling the pain" in quite so acute a way as we were back in 2007/2008.

Another reason why smarts haven't quite taken off in the U.S. over the long term as well as it looked like they would back in 2008 is that we Americans seem to love our big gas guzzling status-mobiles. We (and by "we" I definitely don't mean "me") can't let go of those SUVs and pick up trucks, or even the luxury cars. Seems to be part of the American culture.

In Europe, they don't have the big open spaces found in much of America. I don't know if all European countries are this way, but in London, England, they were taxing bigger vehicles, so that was another big incentive to "go small." I'm getting way off topic here, though, so let's just leave it here with the knowledge that for those of us who DO want a micro car, the smart is now readily available.

So, How Do You Buy Smart Cars?

You have some options for buying a smart fortwo car. Follow the links below to explore each strategy for smart car buyer option:

  • Buy from a dealer. Of course, the most reliable place to buy a smart fortwo car is from an official smart car dealership, also called a smart center. There are somewhere around 70 dealerships across the United States. Most states in the east, south, midwest and west coast have at least one dealership. The rest of the west is more sparsely covered. From a dealer, you can buy both used and new cars, both custom and off the lot.

  • Buy from somewhere else. Smart cars have been in the U.S. for 2 years now, so you can also buy used smart cars from a number of resale dealers. You might even be able to get new smart cars from a few places like this, if they bought them on spec. These "other" smart car sales outlets could be local car dealers, online resellers or even auction sellers, like eBay.

You don't need any special strategy for smart car buyer options. Smart car sales these days are super easy. Just find someone selling smart fortwos and buy smart car!

smart center Round Rock Texas

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