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Tips on Buying a fortwo smart Car

(Stage 4)

Take a leap with the smart car... It's time to "Make a Statement" and become a fortwo smart car owner!

Jim the Smart Car Guy says...

Hello Mercedes Smart Car Buyers,

You have completed Stage 3 and went through the smart buying decision process. Hopefully, if you're here, you have also concluded that the smart car is right for you and now are ready to enter the exciting Stage 4 of becoming an actual fortwo smart car owner.


You are helping to make a difference in America by taking action and Making a Statement...

In order to complete our journey, we need to understand and execute the steps needed to buy a smart car. Once this is understood, I will cover smart car financing, smart car insurance and smart car maintenance.

So... Let's get started as I guide you through the four steps needed to become a Mercedes smart car owner!

Here are the quick links you can use:

After completing each part, don't forget to click on the More Details buttons below to "drill down" and get more information about the four phases of becoming a smart car owner.

Upon completing this Stage 4, please move on to Stage 5 and join our smart car neighborhood, which I refer to as "Under the HooD". This is where smart car enthusiasts like you can share your stories about being a smart car owner!

Congrats again on being a smart car owner!

Your "Smart Car Guy",
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1) How to Buy a smart Car:

OK, before you can buy your fortwo, you need to determine which model and options you want. The easiest way is to use the smartusa.com's "build your fortwo" interactive tool at this link:


Follow these 4 steps and you will generate your own personal fortwo smart car:

  1. Choose your model

  2. Choose your appearance(exterior/interior)

  3. Choose your options under:

    1. Packages

    2. Exterior

    3. Interior

    4. Audio

    5. Safety

  4. Functional/electrical equipment

  5. Perform an overview: to get summary with prices

This is a fun tool to use and try different options... see if you can stay under your budget!

Next, let's take the smart fortwo out for a test drive:

become the smart car owner

  1. If you can drive to a smartcenter,I would strongly recommend talking to a sales consultant and taking the fortwo out for a test drive.

  2. Ask the sales consultant to give you a tour of the smart car inside the show room and give it a close inspection.

  3. Test drive a smart car and ask to take it out for a serious spin around town, on city streets and highways if you can.

  4. Take lots of pictures and video, so you can view them at home!

  5. Pick up the smart fortwo white brochure, so you can study and absorb all the information inside.

  6. Finally, spend lots of time there and really get to know what the smart car is all about.

Now that you know what your smart car is going to be, lets pursue how you can get it.

Click below on the More Details button to go through the steps needed to get your fortwo smart car!

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2) How to Get Smart Car Financing:

sit down with a smart professional in a smartcenterStep two involves the "Ugly Side" of buying the smart car... How are you going to pay for your fortwo smart car?

Where there's a will, there's a way...

There are two main ways that I know of:

To learn about ways of borrowing the money for your smart fortwo car, click on the More Details button below:

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3) How to Get smart Car Insurance:

Good news on step three: Getting insurance on your fortwo smart car...

Liberty Mutual Insurance has teamed up with smartusa to provide smart car insurance coverage.

Click below on the More Details button to investigate this option, along with other possible car insurance providers for the Mercedes smart car.

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4) Maintenance on the smart Car:

smart car maintenanceGetting to step four: Performing maintenance on your fortwo smart car means that you are the PROUD owner of a Mercedes smart car at last!

First thing that you gotta do under maintenance is to simply keep it clean and shiny all the time to show off your smart car to everybody who looks at it!

Click below on the More Details button to get an overview of the tasks that should be done to keep the smart car running well for many years to come.

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