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Smart Car Not for You?
Other Fuel Efficient Vehicles Options

On this page, we will discuss some top fuel efficient cars options that you have when a smart car is not the right choice for you. Find out about fuel efficient vehicles that might better meet your needs and preferences.

Top fuel efficient car in America for 2009

Even though I love the smart fortwo car and believe it is a great choice for many people interested in moving to more fuel-efficient cars, I DO understand that it's not right for all my visitors. For instance, if you have a family, a smart fortwo isn't going to be big enough for family outings.

Or, perhaps 41 MPG isn't fuel efficient enough for your tastes and you want something with even greater fuel economy. I get that...

So, in recognition of those facts, I thought I'd provide a rundown of some of the top fuel efficient cars that can be looked on as alternatives to a smart car.

With energy conservation looming large on the horizon these days, this page may become somewhat obsolete as fast as I can update it. What I mean is there are new top fuel efficient cars appearing on the market all the time. Still, whatever I DO list here will at least get you started...

Alternatives for Fuel Efficient Cars

Here is the latest info, according to, the U.S. government website that provides information on gaining greater fuel economy in vehicles, as well as rating different vehicles over time.

By the way, the smart fortwo cars are currently rated as "most efficient two-seaters". Not bad!

Nissan Leaf picture
  • Toyota Prius. rates this car as the overall most fuel efficient vehicle in America, with ratings of 48/45 MPG. It has the advantage of being a hybrid, which means it runs partially off of electricity, rather than gas.

  • Honda Fit. One of the newest entries in the market, the Fit is a worthy alternative to the smart, with an ultra low emissions engine and MPG of 33/27.

  • MINI Cooper. Though still small, the Mini does offer slightly more room than the smart car and has the recognition advantage of having been sold in the US for several years.

  • Toyota Yaris. The slightly larger Yaris still offers fuel efficiency of 36/39 MPG.

  • Honda Civic Hybrid. Hybrid cars gain their fuel efficiency through alternative fuel, by combining a gas engine with electric power.

  • Volkswagen Jetta. This brand and model have offered reliable performance and fuel efficiency for many years.

So you can see, when it comes to the top fuel efficient cars, you have a number of great options. As for me, the smart car was the only one of the fuel efficient cars I researched that I really wanted, but the exciting thing is that there are many other options for fuel efficient vehicles these days too! So, it may just come down to which car appeals the most to you. I like the statement that the smart car makes... how about you?

Changes are on the horizon, though... the electric car is coming to the U.S. soon, and electric is definitely an even bigger step towards fuel economy than any of the options above. The new smart car ED will be in direct competition with other contenders like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt.

electric smart cars

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