Used Smart Cars - An Option?

Is a Second Hand Smart Car the Way to Purchase Smart Cars?

Used smart cars or a second hand smart car may be one way to purchase a smart car, if you cannot afford to buy a new smart car.

A European smart car

When I first started this website, back in 2008, most people in the United States were looking to purchase brand new smart fortwo cars. After all, it was a trendsetter and who wouldn't want the latest and greatest? We were riding the first wave of the America smart car, after all.

And also, finding a pre-owned smart car wasn't exactly easy. Prior to the American version of the smart fortwo, the only smarts in the country were imports from Europe. And people who went to all the trouble and expense of importing them weren't exactly getting rid of them after a year or two.

How Things Have Changed in Two Short Years...

The U.S. recession means more used smart cars

But with the new smart car, it's probably a bit different. As with any trend-setter, some people will buy simply because it's the latest "fad." And just as quickly, they'll get rid of it, when some new trend comes along. Also, many people bought the new American smart car back in 2008 and early 2009, nearly sight unseen... or untested, at any rate. And it wasn't until they started using it that they found out it wasn't a good fit for their lifestyles.

And then there was the big recession that hit us in 2008 and 2009, and that we're still recovering from. Millions of people lost jobs and started struggling big-time financially. So, many people started trading in – or getting rid of altogether – their motorized vehicles, in favor of public transportation, bicycles or their own two feet.

As a result, there are more used smart fortwo cars available these days. I didn't check all 74 smart centers, but quite a few that I checked did have some used smart cars listed in their present inventory. They call them "pre-owned" smart cars, and if you buy from a dealer, you'll know they've checked out the second hand smart car to make sure it's running well.

Other Options for Finding Used Smart Cars

Buying a second hand smart car from a smart car dealer is probably the safest way to go, but it might not be the best way to get a good deal. So you might want to look at other ways to buy pre-owned smarts, such as or eBay. Or just look at your local newspaper classifieds or shop local used car lots. I found 4 used smart cars being sold on my local Craigslist site, so depending on where you live, you might find even more.

Or, you can just do a Google search for "used smart car" right here from this page, using the box below:

Second hand smart cars are cute too

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