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If you've been asking everyone you know, "what is a smart car?", you'll find the answer to that and more on this page...

So, what the heck IS a smart car?

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Well... first and foremost, smart cars are designed to be commuter cars that are fun to drive and get good gas mileage.

Here is a sample of what a smartcar is...

  • It's a two-door hatchback with two bucket seats.

  • It's small, being only 106 inches long and weighing only about 1800 lbs.

  • But the interior is loaded with many standard creature comforts, along with many optional accessories.

  • Though tiny on the road, it comes loaded with tons of standard safety features, starting with the tridion safety cell, 4 airbags, ABS brakes and much more.

  • It makes a statement about conserving energy with mileage ratings of 33 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway.

But that's hardly all that a smart car is!

It also has these great features:

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  • Going from 0 to 60 mph in 12.8 seconds is doable for commuter traffic, along with its maximum set speed of 90 MPH.

  • The smartcar has stylish looks that attract much attention from people.

  • Finally, the smart car interior passenger space is very roomy, with plenty of head and elbow space for two passengers.

  • The engine is a 3 cylinder, 1 cubic liter, with 71 horsepower.

  • It comes with an automated manual transmission.

  • The smart has a nice storage cargo area with a maximum capacity of 12 cubic feet up to the roof.

Now that we have some general knowledge about the what is a smart car, let's dig deeper and get a sense of smartcar history and learn where did the smart car come from. Click below:

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