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Do you have a cool or interesting smart car video that you could share with us? We are no accepting reader smart car videos contributions!

Will you share your smart car video with us?

If content is king on the Web, then video must be queen... or something. At any rate, video is huge. Just look at the success of sites such as Such sites get millions of page views per day.

Seems in this age of easily accessible media, people surfing the Web love to watch videos. Smart fortwo videos are no exception. I've included a number of different types of videos of smart cars here on this site:

If you want to see and experience the smart fortwo car in a very visual way, then smart car video is the way to go. And I'm trying to give people what they want. Are you in?

I Need Your Help!

Can you help us with your own video of the smart fortwo?

I only have so many hours a day to search for and preview videos of smart fortwos, so if you have a video you'd like to contribute, that would be great!

All I ask is that you upload it first to YouTube or some other video sharing site. I can't host videos here on my site; not enough bandwidth. But I can take embed codes, so upload your video elsewhere, grab the embed code and come back here and submit it.

Your video can be about anything to do with a smart car. Here are a few examples, but don't let that limit you if you have your own ideas:

  • Show off your new smart car
  • Share an upgrade or customization you've done or had done
  • Show where your smart can go (road trip!)
  • How much can you fit into your little smart car?
  • Do your own smart car video review
  • A funny or humorous video about smart cars
  • Talk about why you think the smart car is the way to make a statement

If you have a blog or website of your own, you can link back to it too, but at the very least, you'll get more exposure for your smart car video by placing it here too... AND you'll be helping me and other visitors to this site out at the same time. So, thanks in advance for your help... Smile

Have A Great Smart Car Video to Share?

Do you have a great smart car video you'd like to contribute to this site? Great... go ahead and share them! Videos can really bring the little smart car to life!

NOTE: We can't host videos on this website, so you must first upload your smart car video to a video hosting service, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then grab an embed code from that service. When you fill out the form below to submit your video, include the embed code there.

I look forward to viewing each smart car video contributed. It might take me a day or two to get to it after you submit it, so thanks for your patience. Let's share our smart car passion together through video!

Show off your smart car in a video!

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